Busker Drown hate Preacher.. In lovely Music

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Busker Drown hate Preacher.. In lovely Music  Empty Busker Drown hate Preacher.. In lovely Music

Post by veya_victaous on Tue Mar 10, 2015 11:02 pm

A BUSKER and his socially conscientious friends have turned an otherwise hateful message about homosexuality into something beautiful — through song.

Musician Axel Winter, 24, was about to start busking in Sydney’s Pitt Street Mall on Saturday afternoon — just ahead of the Mardi Gras parade — when he spotted the preacher on a step ladder shouting “very derogatory, hateful words about gay people”.

“Nothing like, ‘God loves you’ — he was just saying God hates you if you don’t do this,” Mr Winter told News Corp Australia.

“And then he said the worst thing: today is the day that God hates you the most if you’re homosexual.

“I’m not the kind of person that can sit back and take it when someone’s doing that — it’s morally incorrect, and I had do something about it.

And he did.

As the preacher shouted anti-gay slurs and waved his Bible about, Mr Winter said people began surrounding the man, “getting aggressive”.

“They were shouting at him, so I took my stuff over to him and said into the microphone, ‘hey look guys, don’t give into him, don’t shout back at him, don’t push his buttons — that’s what he wants’.”

With the help of some other buskers — Mr Winter had been basking in the same are for more than three years — the moral musician decided to lighten the mood by breaking into a slow and melodic version of Girls Just Want To Have Fun, punctuating the preacher’s angry sentences with: “Girls and boys they wanna have fun ... girls, they wanna have fun.”

“Some boys take a beautiful boy and they hide her away from the rest of the world.”

Although the preacher did not react, Mr Winter said the entire episode really “grinds my gears”.

“I’ve grown up in a church, and hating is a sin. It says that in the bible.

“This guy’s not doing it correctly — he’s not spreading the word of God in a nice way, spreading peace”.

And it appears Mr Winter’s effort had not gone unnoticed, with social media users from across all major platforms — YouTube, Facebook and Twitter — congratulating the activist busker for his stellar efforts.

“This made my day, you’re awesome, man!” said one impressed Facebooker, while others expressed their support in the classic Facebook format: “liking” his post 1254 times.

On Twitter, he was no less adored:

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Busker Drown hate Preacher.. In lovely Music  Empty Re: Busker Drown hate Preacher.. In lovely Music

Post by Guest on Tue Mar 10, 2015 11:28 pm

One up to the power of music!


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