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The Night Out Empty The Night Out

Post by Guest on Sun Jan 11, 2015 8:47 pm

Two women are staggering home after a good night out.

Whilst passing through their local village, they both realise that they need the toilet, but that there are no public conveniences. In desperation, they stumble in to the church graveyard and squat behind the headstones. The first woman finishes and realising she has no tissues handy,so she takes off her knickers, wipes herself with them and throws them away. The second woman has the same problem, but spies a satin ribbon on a wreath and uses that to wipe herself.

The next morning, the husband of the first woman 'phones the husband of the second woman.

"These girl's nights out have got to stop!" he says. "Last night my wife came home without any knickers on!"

"That's nothing!" says the second husband.

"My wife came home with a note between her **** cheeks that said "We'll miss you. From all the guys at the Fire Department".


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