Blacktown Police: not Sports Star struck.

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Blacktown Police: not Sports Star struck. Empty Blacktown Police: not Sports Star struck.

Post by veya_victaous on Wed Dec 03, 2014 3:40 am

Got to say I don't agree with Cops very often But I definitely agree with this and thought similar when I saw the 3 flags including (national State and Indigenous) at half mast. He played cricket he was very good at it and by all accounts a great guy....
But Half mast flags are meant for national tragedies and as he wasn't indigenous not sure if they should have half masted that one.

Blacktown Police: not Sports Star struck. 185752-d3f857c2-7761-11e4-a7f2-87cba13b8c8b

The administrator of the Blacktown LAC page responded to the criticism by asking why state flags were lowered for Hughes’ death but not for people who die “in the service of this great country”.
Blacktown police have come under fire over a Facebook post.

Blacktown police have come under fire over a Facebook post. Source: News Limited

“Or perhaps someone could explain to the relatives or the men and women why flags were not lowered to half mast for national heroes as opposed to sporting heroes,” the response said.

Mind you I dont know how many Aussies get masses said in the Vatican for them Suspect Suspect Suspect Suspect Suspect

THE Vatican cricket team will attend a mass in Rome for Phillip Hughes, as family and friends prepare to farewell him in his home town of Macksville on the NSW mid-north coast. The Vatican Cricket XI, or St Peter’s Cricket Club, will attend along with representatives from the Pontifical Council for Culture and supporters of the Vatican team.

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