Christmas truce hero honoured by school

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Christmas truce hero honoured by school

Post by Irn Bru on Fri Nov 07, 2014 9:30 pm

THEY exchanged gifts, played football and even sang festive carols in what became the most poignant symbol of humanity from one of the world’s 
bloodiest conflicts.

From opposing trenches on the Western Front, British and German soldiers laid down their weapons and celebrated Christmas 1914 on No Man’s Land – sharing a brief respite from the horrors of the First World War together.

It is one of the most famous scenes from the Great War but the story of a key architect behind the unlikely truce is largely unknown.

Major Archibald Buchanan-Dunlop, a student and later a teacher at Loretto School, will be saluted by present-day pupils as they acknowledge the man who was said to have “stopped the First World War”.

Armed with a copy of the school’s Christmas carol programme – sent by his mother – it is said he led the men over the top to revel in some festive cheer with the enemy.

The event made headlines around the world, with The Daily Sketch reporting how “Major Buchanan-Dunlop was one of the moving spirits in this wonderful Christmas Truce”.

Now children from Scotland, Germany and Belgium – as well as relatives of British and German officers involved in the truce – will come together for the first time to honour the memory of Major Buchanan-Dunlop and the 148 Loretto pupils who perished in the First World War.

Following on from the discussion we had a while back on this subject it now turns out that the event is to be commemorated by Loretto School in Musselburgh as one of the key architect in bringing about the truce was a former pupil and a teacher.

Good to get the children involved in this from all sides simply to remind them of the horrors of war and also how those who had to do the fighting were capable of organising their own peace treaty despite what their political masters would have them do.

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