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Post by Guest on Mon Nov 03, 2014 9:21 pm

I want to ponder this view point to Zack, who for reasons he must have, has taken a dislike to me, which is a shame. So be it this is his choice, but what is complex here is a question that has pondered me about religious people who are also very rational as Zack is.
Now Zack will challenge many concepts through logical and rational thinking, so by this thought process and I have to ask and am not knocking either, have you challenged your own beliefs? 
If yes, then surely you have doubt in your faith to even challenge it?
If you had access to many works and exposure to non-belief though ideas and works and not been influenced by for example outside influence would your view points be more open to further doubts and Questions?   
I questioned my beliefs and know for some it strengthens their beliefs, but this has only come bout from doubts.
If no, why would you not challenge your beliefs based around logical thinking?
So no mocking Zack, I think it would be good to know, why you hold such strong beliefs in your faith? We both know belief in something we cannot prove, is nothing but a leap of faith, but where you will be logical, why in this instance will you allow a leap of faith?

Am interested and no joking aside as think this would make for an interesting debate, one I hope without silly insults.
Hope you are interested.


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