They are brutal but make excellent sausages': Official WW2 manual for British soldiers on Nazis

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They are brutal but make excellent sausages': Official WW2 manual for British soldiers on Nazis

Post by Guest on Thu Oct 16, 2014 6:48 pm

Their women are not to be trusted, they struggle to control their feelings and can fly into a rage if things go wrong. However, they are also make excellent sausages and their beer is ‘one of the pleasantest in Europe’. These are among the official observations made of Germans for British soldiers preparing to oversee the generation that served Hitler. They appear in the 1944 manual, Instructions for British Servicemen in Germany, that has surprisingly risen to fourth place in the German bestseller list.

The book is full of warnings for British soldiers in Germany and explains: ‘There are signs that the German leaders are already making plans for a third World War. That must be prevented at all costs.’ Intended to condition a conscript army to resist German propaganda, the little red book also covers general cultural topics such as food and drink and social customs. The portraits of Germans in the book are mostly unflattering. However, it does comment on the high quality of German sausages, coffee and beer. It warns British soldiers that: ‘The Germans are not good at controlling their feelings. They have a streak of hysteria.

The book is a guide for British soldiers with how to deal with the German civilian population
‘You will find that Germans may often fly into a passion if some little thing goes wrong.’  It urges British soldiers to give orders in a ‘firm, military manner’ as the German civilian is ‘used to it and expects it’.British soldiers are also told to take caution when mingling with ‘attractive’ German women. It says: ‘Don’t be too ready to listen to stories told by attractive women. They may be acting under orders.’ Full article Daily Mail


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