Hillary Clinton on how to handle Tony Abbott’s misogyny

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Hillary Clinton on how to handle Tony Abbott’s misogyny

Post by veya_victaous on Thu Sep 25, 2014 6:26 am

THE sisterhood is strong in world politics, with Hillary Clinton, arguably one of the most powerful women the world has seen, showing solidarity with former prime minister Julia Gillard and the “outrageous sexism” she faced.

In an interview with The Australian Women’s Weekly, the former US secretary of state and possible Presidential hopeful said she “thought it was brave” of Gillard to hit back in her famous misogyny speech, and didn’t shy away from the fact that a lot of those offensive comments she was striking back at came from within parliament — namely from the opposition leader at the time, Tony Abbott.

“It’s one thing if a shock jock on the radio — we have a lot of those — says something that’s sexist, but when people in governmental positions or elected positions join in, then it’s not just disrespecting one woman, it’s disrespecting all women,” she says.

Ms Clinton says in the interviewshe was aware of the double standard that Gillard faced while in office, as well as some of the less tasteful lines from Abbott, and she has a great suggestion on how to handle them.
Asked directly what Australian women should do about a bloke who says things like “What the housewives of Australia need to understand as they do the ironing …” and calling a woman’s virginity the greatest gift she could give her husband, Ms Clinton’s response is firm.

“Laugh,” she says.

“I think that may be the best response.”

When asked if it was a mistake for Gillard to let criticism get the better of her, Clinton said the former PM had to stand up to it.

“Humour is always a good tool, but not always sufficient,” she says.

“Much of the attack, as I saw it from afar, on Prime Minister Gillard, was really beyond that, beyond the bound of appropriate political discourse.”


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