Pessimistic Take on the Rise of Australian Political Nihilism

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Pessimistic Take on the Rise of Australian Political Nihilism

Post by >THE Ben Reilly< on Thu Jul 03, 2014 5:07 am

All of this sounds nauseatingly familiar:

Any nation that has lost the art of collective self-improvement has stepped on to the escalator of decline. Australia is on that escalator. Its politics are so noisy, egotistical, destructive and consumed by self-interest that it has missed where the escalator is heading.

In voting terms it is far harder than before to construct and hold together a majority for reform. ­Laments about the decline of bipartisanship are ancient history. Bipartisanship faded away in the early Howard years, think 1996-97.

But the Liberal-Labor gulf over the nation’s direction has widened recently and now involves division over climate change, budget policy, industrial relations, tax reform, welfare entitlements, pensions, Medicare, university fees, competition and productivity. Agreement over the national direction is being torn apart.

The incentives in the system reward and promote policy division. Such splits are not just ideological; they are tactical. Australia is dominated by a poll-driven political culture. It privileges sectional interests over the national interest, short-term actions and the power of the negative.

Recent history is defined by the triumph of the negative and fatal blunders on the part of agents for changes, witness the ACTU campaign against Work Choices, the mining industry campaign against the mining tax, the Abbott-led destruction of carbon pricing and, most recently, the undermining of the Abbott-Hockey budget on the crusade of fairness.

Labor, convinced it was destroyed in office by Abbott’s unjustified negativity and unable to accept it was undone primarily by its own blunders, now exploits a tough and unpopular budget to inflict the same treatment on Abbott.

It is no surprise that 22 years of unbroken economic growth have exerted a profound impact on our political culture. Its corruption is advanced though how far is yet to be tested. It is defined by two qualities: complacency and expectations that cannot be financed by the tax base.

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- Eddie
>THE Ben Reilly<
>THE Ben Reilly<
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Re: Pessimistic Take on the Rise of Australian Political Nihilism

Post by veya_victaous on Thu Jul 03, 2014 6:13 am

yeah but that's wankers that Believe only the 2 big parties should ever be in power the New Generation want them both to burn and not exist so we are voting minor parties which is fucking up the majority holds of the major parties and they will implode if they ever agree so LET THEM Greens, hunter and fishers, Palmer United we got better options than Labor or Liberal. let the old die and the new politics to be born.

Exactly the type of person I am VOTING AGAINST
so of course this dumb mother fucker doesn't like it

Paul Kelly just doesn't like the fact that his Paper is gonna out of business cause we wont buy their lies any more.... Thanks Internet. Both Major parties Die when the old fuck like Kelly do  cheers cheers cheers  too bad we got to wait

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Re: Pessimistic Take on the Rise of Australian Political Nihilism

Post by Lone Wolf on Sat Jul 05, 2014 3:47 pm

Razz   Paul Kelly is a...

Communist, (oopsie! I meant columnist..), employed by a declining News Ltd rag..

Only read by septuagenarian Liberal Party voters who still believe that "the British Empire rules the waves", and that the sun never sets.. ~ so is it any wonder that it's going out of business ?

SO CALLED 'journalists' working at the Australian, Daily and Sunday Telegraph, Melbourne's Herald-Sun, and the Adelaide Advertiser spend all of their time these days kissing Ruppert's arse, and took their eyes off what is actually happening years ago..    Laughing

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