The Man Bible and Male Suicide

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The Man Bible and Male Suicide Empty The Man Bible and Male Suicide

Post by Guest on Mon Apr 07, 2014 3:02 pm

What struck me when I launched CALM was that a) men, and particularly young men, were seen as the source of so many problems and b) that's a huge amount of effort given over towards trying to moderate their behaviour and 'teach them or train them' into behaving better. Or simply in by-passing them. Whether the issue is drugs, violence, teenage sex, vandalism, crime or gang culture. Clearly they aren't listening to the messages. Indeed boys tend not to listen even in class, and as they get older, they still aren't listening to health or education messages, nor the pleadings of wives and mothers.
So I wondered what were they were hearing, what messages they were getting instead? Because suicide is about is when you no longer believe you've anything to live for, when you believe that you can't fulfil what's expected of you, or what you want for yourself. It's when the road runs out. And curiously, despite rocketing figures of suicide at the time among young men (not women), the problem was portrayed by the media, by government, by health professionals, as a problem with 'young people'. And suicide among older people (which for factual purposes please read a 75% male phenomena), suicide wasn't seen as a problem. This I believe tells us something about society's attitude not just to suicide, but also to men.

Very interesting article and to me as I said the other day that I think many men have not moved forward with society, where as many women have over the last few decades and seem to be lost over an identity of what it is to be male.. 


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The Man Bible and Male Suicide Empty Re: The Man Bible and Male Suicide

Post by Original Quill on Mon Apr 07, 2014 6:21 pm

Define "problems."

Perhaps testosterone >> desire to change >> all of the advances in the universe. In the micro-view, always seen as a problem.

Lol...on the other hand...

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