Trading standards/Hygiene inspectors...

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Trading standards/Hygiene inspectors...

Post by Guest on Sun Mar 09, 2014 7:47 pm

You know what pisses me off about them is that, say you have an issue as a consumer , and feel you have received bad service and a poor quality of work , say on your car from the garage , with some thing actually been made worse by the garage ....

It seems there is a bollocks process you have to go through, in the meantime , we the customer lose out as we have to take our cars elsewhere and pay again, but say someone was selling bottles films or CD's at a car booter then trading standards are over them like a rash!..

Another thing that pisses me off is that food establishments are often contacted by trading standards / health and hygiene to let them know in advance that they will be coming to inspect their premises on a certain day!!!...

This is wrong!, they should surprise visit them and I'm sure they would catch more food premises who have let their hygiene fall back a lot.

Hygiene is obviously so important where food is concerned.

I think it may be different down south where they do spot checks?...


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