Brushes with the inexplicable!

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Brushes with the inexplicable! Empty Brushes with the inexplicable!

Post by Ben Reilly on Wed Aug 28, 2019 9:53 pm

I thought it might be fun to share any experiences we've had with things we can't explain -- possible ghost sightings, incidents which might have been ESP, etc. Just for fun, of course ...

* When I was about seven, I could have sworn I saw a black figure, which looked like a woman in a flowing dress, enter my bedroom and drift through the wall into my closet. (It took me a while to open that closet, trust me.)

* In my early teens, I had several instances in which I seemed to be able to find lost objects by concentrating on them and visualizing where they were. I found a decent amount of lost cash and a few other things.

* At about the same time, my family was renting a house which several of us, other than my dad, thought might be haunted. My sister, who was very young at the time, thought she heard people talking and dancing in her bedroom at night. Once, my dad emphatically said "this house isn't haunted" just to have a piece of sheet rock we were using to cover the door to the attic split in half and land on either side of him. And when we moved, even though we'd never had trouble with the carpeting before, it suddenly bunched up underneath the front door, making it very difficult to open (and thus leave the house).

Let's hear about your spooky experiences!

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