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Post by phildidge on Sat Feb 23, 2019 6:36 am

You asked, we answered. We are Helena, Jesse, Dagny, and Chiara of the Pique Resilience Project, answering a few of your questions for detransitioners and desisters. These are our personal stories and opinions as women who identified as trans and desisted and do not reflect the views of anyone except ourselves.

What I fins interesting here, is that they are all women. That they went through the same similar age timelines. From Transgender to detransition. Is this thus more about confusion some teen girls are growing up with? Has this in some cases thus got to do with a trend today. Not taking anything away from those who have gender dysphoria and when in adulthood remain and feel they are trapped in the wrong body. This is more about where if some are confused, whether social media etc is pushing people down the wrong paths, through a trend.

It goes to the point that the vast majority of children do grow up out of this.


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