Life in 2040's what will it be like

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Life in 2040's what will it be like Empty Life in 2040's what will it be like

Post by Vintage on Wed Jan 16, 2019 8:08 pm

In September 2013, two Oxford researchers, Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael A. Osborne, published “The Future of Employment,” in which they surveyed the likelihood of different professions being taken over by computer algorithms within the next 20 years, and they estimated that 47 percent of US jobs are at high risk. For example, there is a 99 percent probability that by 2033 human telemarketers and insurance underwriters will lose their jobs to algorithms. There is a 98 percent probability that the same will happen to sports referees. Cashiers — 97 percent. Chefs — 96 percent. Waiters — 94 percent. Paralegals — 94 percent. Tour guides — 91 percent. Bakers — 89 percent. Bus drivers — 89 percent. Construction laborers — 88 percent. Veterinary assistants — 86 percent. Security guards — 84 percent. Sailors — 83 percent. Bartenders — 77 percent. Archivists — 76 percent. Carpenters — 72 percent. Lifeguards — 67 percent. There are, of course, some safe jobs. The likelihood that computer algorithms will displace archaeologists by 2033 is only 0.7 percent, because their job requires highly sophisticated types of pattern recognition and doesn’t produce huge profits and it is improbable that corporations or government will make the necessary investment to automate archaeology within the next 20 years. - extract from a much longer article

There was hardly enough workers to satisfy demand when the Industrial revolution took off and now it seems AI will be taking over the technical and profitable jobs, assuming you are young enough to be around or the oldies are placed on a course of the new anti aging drug, what jobs do you think will remain available, we can't all be archaeologists, will you be prepared to do them, if you still have a choice and will we need to job share or create jobs for the millions needing to have a salary or will we offer the tired and desperate a painless way out, to decrease the multitude of unrequired workers and the mouths to feed ?


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Life in 2040's what will it be like Empty Re: Life in 2040's what will it be like

Post by 'Wolfie on Thu Jan 17, 2019 2:01 am

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Modern "post-Industrial" and "globalised" consumer-based economies need a sufficient number of consumers to keep the money flowing through the economy...

Allow too much automation and too much mechanisation to displace too many workers, or allow the greedy few at the top of the corporate tree to accumulate too much unearned wealth, or attempt to remove too many consumers from the system --  and you start running out of consumers spending money to buy those businesses' products & services..

Slow down the movement of capital across the collective global economic morass until it eventually reaches that "critical point" of inactivity --  than just sit back and watch the mother of all worldwide economic depressions descend onto modern "civilisation".

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Life in 2040's what will it be like Empty Re: Life in 2040's what will it be like

Post by Ben Reilly on Thu Jan 17, 2019 2:58 pm

It's going to be really, really different. Perhaps we'll need an entirely new way to distribute resources to people who can't get one of the few remaining jobs.

Perhaps that will be made easier by farmer-builder robots that don't need to be paid?

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