Only university in UK with men's officer scraps role after its sole candidate 'suffers harassment'

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Only university in UK with men's officer scraps role after its sole candidate 'suffers harassment'

Post by Guest on Wed Oct 24, 2018 5:58 pm

The only university in the UK with a men’s officer has scrapped the role after the candidate withdrew due to “harassment”.

James Knight put his name forward to be men's officer at the University of the West of England, but claims he was harassed, and has withdrawn. He was the only candidate in the race.

The University of the West of England told The Telegraph that the position has now been suspended pending review.

The roles of transgender and women’s officers have also been brought in this month.

Knight said he stood to highlight "the poor state of mental health services at UWE" and told a student paper: "I know how deeply mental health issues can run in men and how much of a taboo it can be for men to talk about their mental health."

However, students and National Union of Students officers quickly began a campaign against the role.

NUS officer Ilyas Nagdee accused the university of “weaponising tragic student suicides” at Bristol University “ in order to pursue this vile undemocratic shambles of a men's officer”, labelling the election: “The worst thing I've seen in student politics.”

Student Rebecca Sheeres added: “Can someone explain to me why a men’s officer is necessary please?

"Especially when UWE students actually voted against such position. Men are not a minority at university and surely appointing a wellbeing officer would cover men’s mental health.”

NUS women's officer Sarah Lasoye said: "The role of a men’s officer is entirely obsolete and the attempt to implement one stems from a fundamental misunderstanding of liberation and almost always an unearned sense of entitlement."

Mr Knight said the negative response to his campaign, coupled with alleged harassment, caused him to step down. He said in a statement: “Due to the negative reaction to the men’s officer position and continued external harassment, I have taken the difficult decision to stand down as a candidate.”

A spokesman from the students’ union at UWE said: “Following the withdrawal of the candidate from the Men’s Officer Role, the election for that position is no longer running. As per our previous statements, we will be seeking ratification of the role at the next Student Council. We will look to move this forward based on their decision.”

Which shows the problems with Universties being over run by again the extreme Far left

Welcome to the new inequalty standards of today perpetuated by the Far left. Where men are as seen. Not allowed to enjoy the same support as women and transgenders. Ecen though the suicide rate in men is staggering.


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Re: Only university in UK with men's officer scraps role after its sole candidate 'suffers harassment'

Post by Syl on Thu Oct 25, 2018 12:31 am

I'm not sure what an officers role would be at university,
But whatever it is it seems the men are discriminated against.
Why should they not have their own officer if women and transgenders have their own?

Males, especially young males find it hard to open up about personal problems, this could have been a help to them rather than suffering in silence, which can lead to depression, and God forbid suicide.

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Re: Only university in UK with men's officer scraps role after its sole candidate 'suffers harassment'

Post by WhoseYourWolfie on Thu Oct 25, 2018 12:49 am


Those two militant (anti-)feminist lesbians in the O/P are wrong anyways, to begin with...

With female students now making up over 52% of the student population on the majority of the world's uni' campuses (and increasing by the year..), and over 70% of some faculties (teaching, nursing, "arts"..), male students are definitely in the minority, these days..

Further exacerbated by the fact that, on average, less than 10% of students on most campuses tend to be involved in student unions and 'student politics' -- leaving plenty of room for various rabid and radical fringe groups, from all sides, to have influence way out of proportion to their numbers.

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