Why I Reject Indigenous Land Acknowledgments

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Why I Reject Indigenous Land Acknowledgments Empty Why I Reject Indigenous Land Acknowledgments

Post by Guest on Thu Oct 18, 2018 4:01 am


She is spot on how again we see some on the far left. Promote something, only to further themselves and not actually the indigenous. This is more about making them feel good about themselves. Without actually doing anything for the indigenous to the actual needs they do require. Like Housing, jobs, access to health etc and help where in some cases there is high suicide rates. Hence what is more needed first is help for the many indigenous communities and actually provide them with rights to land. 

More and more I dispair at how pathetic and insedious some of the left are, more found within Universities today.

I support indigenous rights, but also support the rights of non-indegeneous living within lands

Making people say something, is meaningless and only serves to help some people make them feel good about themselves and not the indegenous


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