Puppy Saves Owner from Rattlesnake

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Puppy Saves Owner from Rattlesnake  Empty Puppy Saves Owner from Rattlesnake

Post by veya_victaous on Tue Jul 03, 2018 12:07 am

AN ARIZONA woman was saved from a rattlesnake bite on Friday — when her puppy jumped to the rescue.

Paula Godwin wrote on Facebook that she was up early to venture out on a hike near Seventh Street in Anthem — north of Phoenix — when she almost stepped on the reptile.

Todd, her Golden Retriever “hero of a puppy,” courageously jumped in front of its owner’s leg where she “surely would have got bit.” As a result, the snake bit the dog right on the face.

“This is what a hero looks like,” Godwin wrote alongside photos of Todd, showing the dog’s swollen face.

The pup was taken to Animal Hospital at Anthem for treatment, AZFamily.com reported.

Godwin wrote in a follow-up post that Todd is “doing so well he is a wonder to me how he is healing.”

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Full Story https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/home/pets/golden-retriever-saves-owner-from-rattlesnake/news-story/418a1ce2470edf5778d9a77866478eff

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Puppy Saves Owner from Rattlesnake  Empty Re: Puppy Saves Owner from Rattlesnake

Post by Original Quill on Tue Jul 03, 2018 4:15 pm

T'would have been better if the human took the bite.  The dog has a smaller body with which to absorb the toxins.

Phoenix...probably a Western Diamondback.  This is the most commonly encountered rattlesnake in the Valley of the Sun, and can be found anywhere where neighborhoods get close to native desert habitat.

Puppy Saves Owner from Rattlesnake  Rattlesnake-real-estate

They can be identified by the rattle, white and black striped tail, and white-lined diamond pattern on the back. Coloration is usually drab shades of brown or grey.

They are more scared of you, than you of them.  Silly pup probably rushed it and gave it no escape.  They are large, aggressive, and venomous--a safe distance is outside 2/3's the snakes length, which is their striking distance--so keep your distance and let it move on.

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