The Latest Militant Leftist Fuckwittery

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The Latest Militant Leftist Fuckwittery Empty The Latest Militant Leftist Fuckwittery

Post by Guest on Fri Jun 15, 2018 8:57 pm

It makes me astounded, that where we onced learnt from balderdash pusedo scientific racism. That it was invented in the last few centuries to demean people. It was later easily debunked as bollocks and was ultimately racist claptrap. 

That now we have people on the Ultra left, not learning a damn thing from this very racist mentality. To basically endorse the same bullshit again. Its like a perpetual guilt trip about the past. That people today, think they need to reverse the previous racism, to now make it okay to be racist in reverse.

We are all humans, period, end of and yet the radical left. Want to actually fuel the fires of racism and continually segregate humans by skin colour

There is no such thing any longer, as the progressive left

As if you are born and labelled white today, then the left will see you as basically born racist and also to blame for past wrongs you never did. 

Its basically the same bullshit found in the bible, adapted from Adam and Eve, with the first sin idiocy. All then people are born with sin, because of a previous crime ( which was not even a crime, but premeditated by this fucked up god). The left are actually using Christian theoology thinking. That all descendants will be guilty for the past sins of their ancestors.

I mean how bonkers is that?

Its basically saying the people who did these wrongs, are basically being exonerated over the reason of their crimes. As they are not to blame for their racist beliefs, but because they were born "white". The left is providing an excuse for these wrongs and ignoring the actual hateful beliefs. Which were based on their beliefs, as to why they committed these crimes and that to the militant left. Now skin colour to them, is the issue. Just as racists did in the past, casting black people as inferior, based on their skin colour.  These crimes are only based on the scientific racist belief. That this was done and should be a sin for all time, cast on anyone born classed as white.

Pure racism, by the Far left in thinking

Its the same theological bullshit crap found in the bible. All are guilt, to no wrong they done, but by being cast as wrong, based on their skin colour

I mean, do they apply this thinking to the many African slave traders, that engaged in supplying both Europeans and Arabs with slaves?

Of course not, hence the idiocy and quite racist thinking of the far left


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