How Many Uncounted Victims Did the Manson Gang Kill?

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How Many Uncounted Victims Did the Manson Gang Kill?

Post by Guest on Sat May 26, 2018 11:17 am

Charles Manson’s last days were filled with talk of marriage and environmentalism, but there wasn’t a word about the undiscovered corpses the Manson Family may have murdered.

A new generation of followers has been exposed to Manson ideology through the work of his closest associates outside prison, whom he called Star Manson and Gray Wolf.

Star, aka Afton Elaine Burton, grew up in Bunker Hill, Illinois, a rural white community of 1.25 square miles and seventeen hundred residents. An idealistic animal advocate who grew up playing in the woods with her brother, Star was so inspired by Manson’s environmental philosophy that she began writing him. It took only one letter for him to write her back.


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