Greens Push For $75 newstart rise Gets unexpect support from Former RW PM John Howard

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Greens Push For $75 newstart rise Gets unexpect support from Former RW PM John Howard

Post by veya_victaous on Thu May 10, 2018 2:57 am

A bill increasing Newstart by $75 per week will be placed before parliament later this year, as the Greens attempt to wedge Labor and capitalise on a growing push for change.

Former prime minister John Howard unexpectedly breathed new life into the campaign to increase the dole on Wednesday. Howard, speaking at a post-budget breakfast in Melbourne, said a 24-year freeze on the Newstart rate had “probably gone on too long”.

“Yeah, I think there is an argument about that, yeah I do,” Howard said. “I was in favour of freezing it when it happened, but I think the freeze has probably gone on too long.”

Howard’s comments add to a broadening consensus that Newstart is inadequate, and follow a similar assessment by Deloitte Access Economics last month.

The Newstart payment has not increased in real terms since 1994, and sits at $40 a day for single recipients. Welfare advocates say it is at poverty levels, and is not enough to meet even the most basic costs of living.

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Translation Service
Newstart = Dole(unemployment benefits)
John Howard =RW's idolised "good old days" PM

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