Two Men, Separated By A Generation, Playing Basketball Together

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Two Men, Separated By A Generation, Playing Basketball Together

Post by Didge on Sat May 05, 2018 11:57 am

Two men were filmed enjoying a game of "Horse" together on a public basketball court in Langhorne, PA, and it's going to make your day. John Crichton sent the video to Action News, writing: "Hey guys. I know this may not be a big news story but it should be. We should all follow the lead of these two gentlemen... Random connection that should be shared a million times. We should all follow their lead."

Crichton said he was driving by Mayors Playground when he spotted the two men playing a game of horse. According to Crichton, the younger man, Aaron Banks, was shooting by himself when the older man, Gary Bloom, approached him and asked if he could join in.

The two men, separated by multiple decades, played a few rounds before leaving.

Watch the video below.

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