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Post by Victorismyhero on Tue Apr 17, 2018 7:45 pm

by the looks of things good old Kaolin and morphine mixture has been removed from the shelves........


one of course can only speculate BUT one can easily bet its becasue one or two useless pillocks have been misusing/abusing it.
so now what AM I going to swallow when I get colic??? yep like our trusty four legged friends the equines, I on ocaisions get colic...and one dose usually sorts it....

there have been an endless list of effective and quite useful "medications" removed from our sheves becasue darwin award seekers have been unable to read the f***kin instructions and stick to them

some of the banned OTC meds

povidone iodine (as an anti wound spray) recommended replacements include hexidine type anti bios which increase antibiotic resistance when released into the environment

gentian violet................ as a treatment for grazes YES its an azo dye (turns you purple where applied)...but the amount you absorb is minimal and surely harmless (since the entire older generation got painted with the stuff
along with
acriflavin for minor burns.......turned you yellow where applied.... great fun

both dried out the wound, killed the bugs and did NOT cause environmental havoc

and so on and so forth..........

there is a list as long as my arm...

then theres creosote........(and no it DOESNT cause cancer in the people who use it, you would have to swim in it daily for that to happen)

perhaps it time for a cull

I'm not suggesting we KILL all the stupid plonkers

just remove all warning lables and let nature take its course.........

why should I have to suffer colic for the sake of a few brain dead morons please tell.......

If at any time in 2018 I have annoyed you, pissed you off or said the wrong thing....Suck it up snowflake, cause 2019 AINT gonna be any different

Patience my Ass......I' m gonna KILLsomething

.(It's hard to remember that the task is to drain the swamp, when you are up to your arse in alligators)

[b]I DONT BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Insanity Empty Re: Insanity

Post by nicko on Tue Apr 17, 2018 9:34 pm

Re Creosote, I painted a fence with Creosote 10 years ago, it's still in good condition. I painted another fence with the crap they now sell after Creosote was banned. I now have to repaint it every two years as It's going rotten !

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