‘The Opposition’ Confronts ‘Crisis Actor’ Alex Jones

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‘The Opposition’ Confronts ‘Crisis Actor’ Alex Jones

Post by Guest on Fri Apr 13, 2018 6:01 pm

One of the Comedy Central show’s ‘citizen journalists’ turned the tables on Alex Jones—and it was incredible.

Jordan Klepper’s The Opposition owes a lot to Alex Jones and InfoWars. And this week, one of Klepper’s “citizen journalists” got the chance to come face-to-face with Jones for what has instantly become an all-time great segment of the Comedy Central series. Kobi Libii tracked Jones to a speech he was delivering at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., and while he and his camera crew were not allowed inside, he was able to corner America’s most prominent conspiracy theorist and Trump adviser on the street after it was over.

After showing clips of Jones and other InfoWars hosts labeling Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg a “crisis actor,” Libii posited that the Jones appearance in D.C. was nothing more than a “false flag” event and that “this is a crisis actor playing Alex Jones.” He added, “The real Alex Jones would want to confront this imposter, with or without proof.”

And that’s what Libii did when he met Jones, accusing him to his face of being a “crisis actor.” When Jones denied that he has ever suggested the same about mass shooting victims, Libii turned to the camera and said, “This isn’t Alex Jones.”

“If you’re the real Alex Jones, why haven’t you offered to sell me any supplements yet?” he proceeded to ask. Libii knew Jones’ rhetorical flourishes well enough that he could recite them in unison, further proving that Jones was performing “scripted” lines.

Meanwhile, an “unedited” version of the segment popped up on Jones’ InfoWars website Thursday afternoon under the headline, “COMEDY CENTRAL ENGAGES IN EPIC DECEPTION, EDITS ALEX JONES STREET INTERVIEW TO DEFRAUD VIEWERS.”

“While Infowars has never labeled the students at Parkland ‘crisis actors,’ we have maintained the mainstream media selected a handful of anti-gun student victims, some of whom were in school drama clubs, as PR spokespeople to regurgitate scripted narratives approved by the left,” the article reads.





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