Roo's Aerial takedown of Cyclist

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Roo's Aerial takedown of Cyclist  Empty Roo's Aerial takedown of Cyclist

Post by veya_victaous on Tue Jan 30, 2018 5:07 am

ASTONISHING footage has emerged of a cyclist being wiped out by a kangaroo mid-leap on Australia Day — of all days.

The unsuspecting cyclist, Rebecca, can be seen riding along a quiet country road in Queensland before the kangaroo leaps from the bush into her side, flooring her instantly. The marsupial, however, appears unscathed and hops away into the bush.

She was cycling with six friends in the Boonah region when her mate captured the incredible moment on camera.

“After we crested a hill, about 30km/h into the ride, we slowed for others to catch up,” fellow cyclist Helen said. “Two of us also saw kangaroos on both sides of the road.

“The ones on the left hopped away, the one on the right waited to join its mob.” That’s when it jumped out, into the path of the cyclist.

Two other cyclists on the ride looked after her until the ambulance came. “She was released from hospital that afternoon, with stitches in her knee and her right arm in a sling, for the shoulder-injury from the kangaroo’s impact,” Helen added.

“Within a day she was having a rueful laugh about it all and worrying about the work days she will miss.”

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it's only a little roo too G'Day

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Roo's Aerial takedown of Cyclist  Empty Re: Roo's Aerial takedown of Cyclist

Post by Maddog on Tue Jan 30, 2018 6:58 pm

I ride bikes with a guy that is just getting over shoulder surgery after a collision with a deer on his bicycle.

I also know a young man that lost his mother at about 12, when she ran into a deer on a motorcycle, as a passenger. Crying or Very sad

Hitting these larger animals can ruin your day. The biggest thing I have hit on a bicycle is an armadillo. Yes, I crashed. Hope the little fucker had his spine broken. Wink



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