ASOS's new 'jeans'

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ASOS's new 'jeans' Empty ASOS's new 'jeans'

Post by veya_victaous on Thu Jan 11, 2018 4:13 am

The internet is in a flurry over a new brand of jeans released on ASOS, but not without good reason.

The offending jeans have the entire crotch removed and feature only a short denim skirt with the legs attached by small metal chains.

The jeans were listed by UK fashion label The Ragged Priest for £75 ($129 AU).

As of Wednesday afternoon, they appear to have been removed from the site.

Twitter users were confused by the purpose of the jeans, which fail to obscure the models underwear in the promotional photos.

"Seriously ASOS. Or am I just too old??" one user said.

"The Ragged Priest honestly need to just stop," another commented.

But the jeans did have some fans, with lifestyle vlogger Louise Pentland speaking out in favour of the pants.

"These are ideal for a lot of reasons ," she wrote.

"1. Never have a sweaty gusset.  2. Real freedom of crotch movement.  3. No need for bangles with that thigh bling. 4. Denim goes with everything.

"Please feel free to add to this list guys."

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