Want to See How the Jews completely outnumbered, kicked the arses of the hateful Arabs?

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Re: Want to See How the Jews completely outnumbered, kicked the arses of the hateful Arabs?

Post by Original Quill on Sat Dec 30, 2017 3:14 am

No, I'd rather see them get along.

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Re: Want to See How the Jews completely outnumbered, kicked the arses of the hateful Arabs?

Post by Guest on Sat Dec 30, 2017 6:16 am

Original Quill wrote:No, I'd rather see them get along.

Well that can only happen, when they renounce Islam.

Islam, being the core problem here. Islam is always the problem, when it comes to the Middle East

When people say it was occupation of Iraq by the US. Which would have been years shorter if not for Muslims engaging in mass violence, murder and oppression of Muslims, Christians etc. Carried out by extremists either Shia or Sunni ideological. wise. So to claim the invasion of Iraq and ousting of a mass murderer and then occupation with a transition period. To then allow the Iraq people to govern themselves. As a cause to how and why ISIS formed. Would thus render Islamic doctrine and beliefs to blame for the formation. As has been the case for a mulitude of islamic extremist groups that exist.

I mean, as why else would Muslims world over flock to join and those who supported terrorism ISIS or any other extremist islamic terror group? Thus the only connection to draw them to such a group. Would be Islamic beliefs based around Transgression and Jihad. 

It would also mean those who were so angered at a mass murdere being toppled, and a country being freed from such authoritarianism. Means that they saw allies invasion to free the Iraq people as a far more henious crime, that the years of butality of Saddam, a mass murder. It shows how emphatically its Islamic beliefs that end up being the cause and creation of many an islamic extremist terrorist group. As how can any rational person see the freedom of Iraq from Saddam to be worse that his many crimes. It would be like claiming the invasion of Nazi Germany and ending Nazis's being in power. To be a worse crime, than the mass murder carried out by the Nazi's. That is the mentality behind such thinking and it happens based on Islamic beliefs. Its what allowed many ISIS followers who butchered many people. To believe that such savagery, were acts of righteousness instead. The same with the rape and enslavement of women and girl captives, again stemming from islamic doctrines.

There can be only one reason, why anyone would form such a view and its formed from the beliefs of Islam.
This is the problem with islam, as it constantly has by such beliefs. Enables many Muslims to behave like toddlers having tantrums, if something conflicts with Islamic doctrine. Its the concept of Transgression within Islam, that allows and has always been the cause to why many Muslims become angered over Non Muslims, being in control of Lands (even though it was only ever going to be temporally control). They deem determinded to remain for all time Muslim lands. You see, again a controlling Islamic concept, ensures violence will often occur, based around such a belief. Even worse, when Islam had its genisis in the Arabian penisular, not the area, now called Iraq. Showing Islam does not teach or allow for the withdrawl of an Islamic army of occupation in any land previously Non-Muslim in history. Even where they have lost territory. 

Like Where the Ottoman Turks lost control of major parts of the Balklans. Is seen today as a major disgrace and loss of face. Its why the Palestinian/Israel conflict conctinues to this day and will continue, whilst people are controlled by islamic beliefs around transgression. Lands they once conqured and occupied as Muslim invading armies. Why do you think the song "from the river to the sea palestine will be free" is sung by Palestinian supporters. Again transgression to lands that were once controlled by Muslims for a period of time. Leads to the belief, that all Israel is seen as occupying and denies the right for Israel to exist. Its why the Arabs rejected the partition plan and attacked the newly formed Israel. The same problem. Islamic doctrine as the cause, denying the self determination of any group of people, but to have everything under Islamic control. Its why the Palestinian Arab people came about in the 1960's, long after Israel formed a nation state.

ISIS can only have formed from Islamic works. Which may not be followed by the majority of Muslims or believed how they view such works. But such works constantly allow for a number of Muslims to believe such extreme beliefs. Which again proves just how effective Islam is, in controlling its believers.

I mean to further prove just how fallacious the claim is that the US invasion was one of the main factors, in how ISIS formed from. The other being control of Iraq being hand over to the majority Shia people. Where was countless Christians world over flocking in droves to Iraq. To form a a radical group angered at the freedom of Iraq and the reigns of power given to the shia majority?

I mean at the time, there was 1.5 million Christians living in Iraq. Why if as claimed the allied invasion and control given to the shia majority. Do we not see the formation of the Christian equivalent of ISIS? How is it no Kurdish group equivalent to ISIS formed, in opposition to the invasion? How about the Yazidi people? I could go on the list is endless. That shows many ethnic and religious groups in Iraq. Not throwing their dummies out, over the removal of a mass murderer in Saddam. Yet we only see the creation of Islamic terror groups, to join the many numereous other Islamic terrorist groups. So there has to be a simple reason here. Which is not based on the identity of Iraq and the Iraqi people. Its based on and is only connected through Islamic beliefs themselves. One that has gone on since not long after Muhammad. a religious civil war. The second is the principle of Transgression. A belief and call to armed Jihad against Non Muslims what is seen as a transgression, by an invasion to lands seen and classed as Muslim lands. Its these beliefs and concepts through the control of islamic doctrine. That has always created Islamic extremist terrorist groups.


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Re: Want to See How the Jews completely outnumbered, kicked the arses of the hateful Arabs?

Post by smelly-bandit on Sat Dec 30, 2017 6:21 am

Original Quill wrote:No, I'd rather see them get along.

Best speak to the terrorist nation of Palestine then Quill

As soon as they lay down their arms and accept peace the sooner they shall have it.

“Sometimes people hold a core belief that is very strong. When they are presented with evidence that works against that belief, the new evidence cannot be accepted. It would create a feeling that is extremely uncomfortable, called cognitive dissonance. And because it is so important to protect the core belief, they will rationalize,ignore and even deny anything that doesn't fit in with the core belief."

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Re: Want to See How the Jews completely outnumbered, kicked the arses of the hateful Arabs?

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