Columnist reminds Palestinians they are obligated to kill Jews

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Columnist reminds Palestinians they are obligated to kill Jews

Post by Guest on Fri Dec 29, 2017 9:40 pm

Dr. Essam Adwan, a columnist writing in Felesteen, says its way past time to kill hundreds of thousands of Jews.

The affirmation of Palestinian rejection of Jewish settlement in the occupied West Bank requires violent resistance against the settlers, convincing them that there is no security, no peace and no rest for those who have remained in the West Bank. It remains for the various Palestinian forces to reach an understanding and even cooperation to impose violent resistance against Jewish settlers in the West Bank.
Adwan says that this is something that is agreed upon by all Palestinian factions, not just Hamas.
All the Palestinian factions agreed on the National Reconciliation Document in 2006, in which all agreed to establish a Palestinian state in the territories occupied in 1967 and to use all methods of resistance against occupation in these territories. This is the minimum that has been agreed upon, without relinquishing the right to the rest of occupied Palestine. Therefore, these Palestinian factions have a national duty to carry out the armed resistance against the settlers in the West Bank. The Palestinian Authority must defend and protect its back and convince the world of the legitimacy of this resistance, especially after the UN Security Council resolution condemning settlements in the West Bank.
The National Conciliation Document of 2006 was signed by  Fatah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, PFLP and DFLP. Its wording can be interpreted to mean that all those factions agree to kill Jewish settlers, by using the formulation "To affirm the right of the Palestinian people to resist the occupation, to preserve the option of resistance by various means, and to concentrate the resistance in the territories occupied in 1967, concomitantly with political action, negotiations and diplomacy.

Adwan is saying that all major Palestinian groups had already agreed to murder Jews, so why not get moving already?
Our heroic Palestinian people, and their courageous men, should not wait for permission from anyone to do what is a national duty and a religious duty .... The quickest way to prevent Jewish immigrants from thinking about migrating to Palestine or to settle in the West Bank is armed action, supported by all other resistance tactics. It is the responsibility of the national and Islamic forces to form an incubator for the West Bank Intifada by forming a leadership for it, providing material assistance to each injured person, granting lawyers to all the detainees and signing a document of honor to punish anyone who causes the arrest of a Palestinian because of his national revolutionary struggle.
It is important to stress yet again that this is not an outlying opinion. There is no controversy in Palestinian Arab media when an explicit call to murder Jewish civilians is published.

The everyday hate and incitement to murder does not make it to the news. So the world has no clue that  Palestinians read this sort of thing every day with their morning coffee.


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