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Can't win for losing. Empty Can't win for losing.

Post by Maddog on Sat Dec 09, 2017 10:49 pm

A police officer in Kaufman is now facing an internal investigation after he showed some goodwill to a shoplifting suspect.

According to Kaufman Police, that officer responded to a call Wednesday at Wal-Mart, where a male suspect was detained inside for trying to steal some food and a drink.

Officials say the suspect told the officer he had not eaten in two days and stole the items because he was hungry.

The officer, a veteran of the department for five years, let the man off with a warning -- and provided him with some cash out of his own pocket so he could buy something to eat.

WFAA has chosen not to name this officer, but Kelsey Stevens is his daughter. She told us that her father, a former Marine of nine years, was just trying to help the man out.

“He didn’t rob anyone at gunpoint, he was a young guy who was literally hungry,” Stevens said. “It was a turkey leg, a Gatorade, and that was it.”

But when Stevens’ dad returned to the station, officials say an argument unfolded about the incident.

Can't let an act of kindness go unpunished.

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