How low can Corbyn get?? Wheeling out the corpse of his dead brother for sympathy votes

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How low can Corbyn get?? Wheeling out the corpse of his dead brother for sympathy votes

Post by smelly-bandit on Fri Nov 24, 2017 1:08 pm

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Picking up my dead brother was the most horrific thing I've ever done': Jeremy Corbyn reveals moment he flew sibling's body to Australia so his distraught children could say goodbye

Jeremy Corbyn has told of the 'horrifying' moment he had to fly across the world to pick up the body of his older brother.

The Labour leader spoke of his family background and most difficult times in a revealing interview to be screened on TV tonight.

Mr Corbyn, the youngest of four brothers who grew up in a rural manor in Shropshire, told how he was sent to Papua New Guinea after his geologist brother Andrew died due to high blood pressure in 2001.

The Islington MP said in the interview: 'It was a brain haemorrhage, which was very sad. I just remember the sort of devastation of it.

'I went to Papua New Guinea to ­basically pick up his body and take it to his wife and children in Australia, where they were living. It was one of the most horrifying and horrific things to do.'

Mr Corbyn revealed how he felt a bit of a failure compared to his three older brothers, admitting they 'all got good, university qualifications but I didn't'.

His eldest brother, Edward, became a test engineer on Concorde, while Andrew also studied science and became a geologist. Piers, Mr Corbyn's other brother, is a meteorologist now best-known for his cynicism about climate change.

'They all went off to be engineers or scientists and I fell by the wayside,' he said in the interview to be screened on TV channel W tonight.

Mr Corbyn's father, David, was an electrical engineer and his mother Naomi a scientist and teacher.

They were committed socialists who met at a Spanish Civil War committee. They both supported the Republican side.

'My mum and dad were both very principled people on peace and justice issues,' he added. 'They were people of great principles. So, yeah, I got a lot from that.'

He added: 'They both were still alive when I was first elected to Parliament, so they were very pleased about that.'

The interview is not all personal, with Corbyn giving his views on the Iraq war and the Chilcott inquiry, anti-Semitism in the Labour Party and the IRA.

Mr Corbyn, now 68, grew up in Yew Tree Manor, a seven-bedroom property with two acres of land in the countryside, near Newport.

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Re: How low can Corbyn get?? Wheeling out the corpse of his dead brother for sympathy votes

Post by eddie on Sat Nov 25, 2017 10:12 am

smelly-bandit wrote:
eddie wrote:Putting people on ignore on a debate forum seems really pointless to me.

Debating forum??

What's that??

Well I guess you may not know really seeing as you've been on flap for years where everybody knows your name, and they're always glad you came....
And you all agree of course.

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Re: How low can Corbyn get?? Wheeling out the corpse of his dead brother for sympathy votes

Post by Vintage on Sat Nov 25, 2017 10:48 am

Ok a bit left field but isn't it fasinating how the biological engineering works in humans and the mechanical engineering in machines is so similar yet the mechnical engineering can almost always be mended even to a new engine but the human system still has problems we can't repair or replace.
Sorry I'll go away now.


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