Deputy PM accused of ‘extreme’ pornography. Screws up denial

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Deputy PM accused of ‘extreme’ pornography. Screws up denial

Post by Guest on Sat Nov 04, 2017 11:42 pm

Tomorrow’s Sunday Times’ front page carries a huge headline that police claim to have found ‘extreme’ pornographic material on a parliamentary computer used by First Secretary of State and Deputy PM Damian Green.

Former Assistant Commissioner of the Met, Bob Quick, has issued a statement claiming that the material was found during a raid on Green’s office – and his arrest – as part of an investigation into government leaks. According to the Sunday Times, Quick will present this as evidence to an inquiry into Green by the Head of Propriety and Ethics.

Here’s how ITN covered the raid when it took place: (VIDEO ON LINK)

Mr Green has issued a strongly-worded denial. But he initially got that wrong, tweeting a full-screen version that included email headers suggesting he may not have written the statement himself, as it was sent to him by his SpAd (special adviser):

He did at least, though, demonstrate that he – or someone with access to his phone – knows how to do a screen-capture on his mobile.

The SpAd, Dylan Sharpe, was formerly head of PR at the S*n. Between that and the Sunday Times article, that makes two links to the Murdoch press empire in this Tory disaster.

It’s now possible that Theresa May will now lose the second of her two closest allies in government as a result of articles by Murdoch publications, having already lost former Defence Secretary Michael Fallon following a S*n exposé less than a week ago.


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Re: Deputy PM accused of ‘extreme’ pornography. Screws up denial

Post by Andy on Sun Nov 05, 2017 10:31 am

As Harold Steptoe frequently described Albert.

"You dirty old man!"

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