Finally! The differences between antisemitism and anti-Zionism, explained (poster)

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Finally! The differences between antisemitism and anti-Zionism, explained (poster)

Post by Guest on Mon Oct 30, 2017 12:34 pm

People still get confused between the terms antisemitism and anti-Zionism, so I decided to list all the major differences between the two so no one will make that mistake again. (Click to enlarge.)

“Jews should go back where they came from”“Israeli Jews should go back where they came from”
“Jews control the USA”“Israel controls the USA”
“Jews control the banks”“Zionists control the money supply”
“Jews control the media”“Zionists control the media”
“Jews are inferior Semites”“Israeli Jews are not native to the region”
“Jews poison the wells”“Israel poisons the water supply”
“Jews were behind the Black Plague“Israel is creating anti-Arab biological weapons
“Jews murder Christian children”“Israel targets and murders Arab children”
“Jews use blood of gentile children for rituals”“Israeli doctors steal organs from gentile patients
“Jews cannot be trusted”“Israel cannot be trusted”
“Jews exploit their workers”“Israel exploits Arab labor”
“The Star of David offends me”“The Star of David offends me
“We don't want Jews in our clubs”“We don't want Israel in international bodies”
“Jews controlled the slave trade”“Zionism is racism”
“Jews are not white”“Jews are guilty of white privilege” 
“The Holocaust never happened”“Zionist Jews were complicit in the Holocaust
“Jews are behind all wars”“Israel is the reason for all terrorism and ME unrest”
“Jews arrogantly believe they are 'chosen'”“Israel arrogantly believes it is above the law”
“Greedy Jews always want more money”“Greedy Israel always wants more land”
“Jews have secret plans to control the world”“Israel plans to expand from the Nile to Euphrates
“Jewish businesses must be boycotted”“Israeli businesses must be boycotted”
Jews not allowed in this hotelIsraelis not allowed in this shop”
“Universities must limit Jewish students”“Universities must not work with Israelis”
“Germans had good reasons to hate Jews”“Palestinians have good reason to hate Israelis”
“People I don't like must be secretly Jewish”“People I don't like must be associated with Israel”
“If everyone hates Jews, there must be a reason”“If everyone hates Israel, there must be a reason”
“'Jew' is the ultimate insult”“'Zionist' is the ultimate insult”

See? One of them is filled with crazed, deranged hate while the other is filled with insane, unhinged hate.

The differences are so obvious.


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