First Woman Ever to Pass, Becomes US Marine Corps Infantry Officer

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First Woman Ever to Pass, Becomes US Marine Corps Infantry Officer

Post by Guest on Thu Sep 28, 2017 7:24 pm

A female Marine became the first woman on Monday to complete the notoriously rigorous training course for US infantry officers. Many women serve as officers in the Marines and other branches of America's armed forces but the woman, who has not been identified publicly at her own request, is the first to finish the 13-week infantry officer training course.

"I am proud of this officer and those in her class," Marine Corps commandant General Robert Neller said in a statement.

"Marines expect and rightfully deserve competent and capable leaders, and these (Infantry Officer Course) graduates met every training requirement as they prepare for the next challenge of leading infantry Marines; ultimately, in combat," Neller added.

As an infantry officer, the woman, a lieutenant, will be assigned to lead a platoon of around 40 Marines. She will join the 1st Marine Division in Camp Pendleton, California, the Marines said. A total of 131 Marines started the infantry officer training course and 88 graduated on Monday in Quantico, Virginia, the Marine Corps said.

On its Twitter feed, the Marine Corps released nearly a minute of footage showing the woman training in the mountains alongside male Marines. Former president Barack Obama opened up all military jobs to women, including combat units, in March 2016. The Marines have been seen, however, as the branch of the military that has been the least accepting of women in combat roles.

Earlier this year, the Marine Corps was rocked by the revelation of a secret Facebook group called "Marines United" where nude pictures of female Marines were posted without their consent.

In 2015, two women became the first to graduate from the US Army's elite Ranger school.


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