The hard-core antisemitism of the Scottish PSC (SPSC)

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The hard-core antisemitism of the Scottish PSC (SPSC)

Post by Guest on Sun Sep 10, 2017 3:51 am

My report on hard-core antisemitism inside the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign (SPSC) has just been released. It was commissioned and published by Jewish Human Rights Watch. One-hundred and sixty pages of rabid anti-Jewish hatred. Stripping away all of the pretence about sympathy for Palestinians, the report exposes frightening levels of raw and truly sickening antisemitism. A hatred that is openly prowling the streets of Scotland. Only two weeks ago, I was in Aberdeen myself and witnessed an activist, who shares posts about Holocaust denial, trying to persuade people to boycott a Jewish business.

For as long as these antisemites wrap themselves up in the Palestinian flag, too many people are willing to turn a blind eye. Only against Jews is this type of racism openly tolerated. It is flourishing in schools, colleges, universities, unions and in city councils. In fact, so rampant is the disease now, in some settings you can be ostracised if you do not partake in the frenzy yourself. Bashing Jews has becomes a trendy position for the ignorant social justice warrior. ‘Palestinianism’ is a viral ‘ponzi scheme’ and as it spreads, it carries antisemitism in the undergrowth.

It is never easy returning to the real world after embedding myself inside the minds of those that hate Jews. Such research darkens the soul. As worthy and as necessary as I know the journey to be, I cannot help but be tainted by it. It isn’t just about peering into the mind of Nazis. To make it work, you need to engage with them, mix with them, laugh with them.

This is me in Aberdeen recently. I went up to ‘engage’ when the SPSC came to promote the boycott of a Jewish owned business, Jericho Cosmetics.

In the image on the left, I am talking to Gavin Turpie. Here are some of his Facebook posts:

You can read more about Gavin in the Aberdeen section in the full report. In the centre image, where I hold the Palestinian flag, I am standing next to George Blair. These are some of his Facebook posts:

The woman in the green jacket is Fiona Napier, head of Aberdeen SPSC. It is her septic SPSC branch that places antisemites onto the streets of Aberdeen. As she stands alongside those who openly share antisemitic imagery, she doesn’t believe antisemitism exists in her group.

Endless hate inside the SPSC

The report uncovered endless hatred of Jews, in every city the SPSC operates in. At every SPSC stall, at every SPSC demonstration, at every event, antisemitism was significantly present. Not an antisemitism that can be explained away as a criticism of Israel, but hard core antisemitic tropes.
In Edinburgh:

In Glasgow:


These are just samples and cannot do justice to the volume of SPSC activists who were found to have shared hard core antisemitic material. The comprehensive report captures them all. In Perth, Dunfermline, Fife, Inverness.  Everywhere the SPSC set up a stall, or demonstrated, people who shared hard core antisemitic posts were significantly represented. Over one-hundred and sixty pages, of Jews controlling the media, owning the banks, being behind ISIS, 9/11, 7/11 and plenty of Holocaust denial.

Significant representation & Jews providing cover

The report sought to quantify antisemitic tendency and sheds light on concentration levels of antisemitic ideology in anti-Israel activism. One of the case studies looked at the Jackie Walker in Glasgow. Using a sample of thirty-two activists, the study found that 44% of those present had shared numerous hard core antisemitic posts. This level of Jew hate found at an event set up to deny the problem of antisemitism.

Whether deliberate or not, people like Jackie Walker are currently expending large amounts of energy providing antisemites with a defence. You cannot deny such significant representation and pretend it is only a ‘fringe’. These people are the core activists at the SPSC. But it is not just Jackie Walker giving cover to Jew hate. Here is Max Blumenthal with two of the activists picked up in the report:

In February I published a report on antisemitism in the England & Wales PSC. Following the publication I was hounded, threatened and stalked. Yet those few Jews who sit in the camp criticising Israel, did not read the report and acknowledge the hate. They attacked me instead. Jonathan Ofir wrote a piece in Mondoweiss attacking someone who had uncovered antisemitism. That article was then gleefully headlined by the Jewish led group ‘Free Speech in Israel’ (my response). There is nothing in any of these reports that has anything to do with Israel. It focuses on classic antisemitic tropes. Why on earth are Jewish people, even if they are a small minority, giving cover to people who share posts about Holocaust denial?  Is the ’cause’ so infected with Jew hate, that a level of 40-50% is tolerable because as activists, there is not enough power to start the engine if they actually clean the group of racism?

Test for Scotland

The results for the second case study are even more frightening. Last August, outside a peace festival set up to celebrate Israeli diversity and culture, the SPSC gathered to protest.  About one-hundred and twenty demonstrators. Over sixty activists were identified. More than 50% of them had shared numerous hard core antisemitic posts.

In the small crowd, there were at least ten who spread material denying the Holocaust.


The findings of the report were almost self-evident.
*The inevitable conclusion is that antisemitic tendency is a primary driver of anti-Israel activism*
Following on from this:
*There is a strong probability that those who are introduced to anti-Israel material by SPSC activists on the streets are being influenced by people who adhere to an antisemitic mindset*
And also:
*Much of this activity seeks to spread antisemitic thought*

Support the Shalom Festival, oppose the racists

Because of the success of the International Shalom Festival at the Edinburgh Fringe last year, it has expanded this year to cover three days. Once more the SPSC have called a protest. Only now we know what drives the protest. We know what will turn up. A group of thugs, many of whom share horrific antisemitic images. Last year, ten people in the SPSC protest were found to share Holocaust denial material. Ten!

This is a test for Scotland. Are antisemitic thugs really going to be allowed to protest the festival in Edinburgh? People should buy tickets to the event, to go and enjoy the festival. Just as people should seek out the Jericho stall in the Union Square shopping centre in Aberdeen to buy products. If the police won’t stop the anti Jewish intimidation, we can provide our support and anti-racist groups should be out in force to oppose the Jew hate.

And if you walk past any of these protestors, wrapping their Jew hate up in a warm Palestinian flag, remember exactly what you read in the report. These people are conflating their racism with sympathy for Palestinians.

The Sunday Times ran an article on the report. The official SPSC response, came from Sofiah MacLeod, chairwoman of the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign. She said it is “not inclined to take seriously the so-called research”. ‘Not inclined’ to take it seriously that 40-50% of the SPSC activists share antisemitic material. We need to make them take it seriously. It isn’t the 1930’s. Is it?

You can read the entire report here
Most of the conspiracies and beliefs come from Nazi's, that they have bought into.
Its shocking to say the least


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Re: The hard-core antisemitism of the Scottish PSC (SPSC)

Post by Guest on Sun Sep 10, 2017 3:55 am

Just over a month ago, my report into hard-core antisemitism in the SPSC was published. Following its release, condemnation of the SPSC crossed the political divide, and was swift. Given what was uncovered, it seemed an obvious and natural response. Nobody wanted to be seen protecting hard-core Nazi ideology.

After all, what had been uncovered was indefensible. It was shown that almost every time SPSC activists ran a stall or held a demonstration, 40-50% of those present had previously shared material that circulated in far-right white supremacy websites. At one demonstration alone, ten of the attendees had shared material on their social media pages denying the Holocaust.

Consider this for a moment. Imagine a stall run by a right wing party. Then imagine that 40-50% of those people running it, shared *EXACTLY* the same material as the SPSC activists. How would civil rights campaigners view such a group? What excuses would be considered acceptable? As I said, indefensible.

What also spoke volumes was the relative silence from the SPSC. Little in the way of apology, regret and introspection. The SPSC shrugged their shoulders, denied all responsibility, and chose to respond by calling me names. Their silent reaction spoke volumes.

Sarah Glynn’s acrobatics

And that was all I heard. Until three days ago. When a blog called ‘Bella Caledonia’, published a piecewritten by anti-Israel activist Sarah Glynn. Sarah’s apparent problem with the SPSC report, wasn’t the fact so many racists are out on the streets handing out SPSC leaflets, oh no, Sarah’s problem with the report, was that I had written it. Of course, in the article, Sarah had to tell everyone she was speaking ‘as a Jew’. It took 40 words for Sarah Glynn to place her Jewish credentials before the reader. Although in the strictest sense, as the first 39 words of the article were a basic introduction, ‘as a Jew’, was how she began.

Sarah chose to condemn a report exposing Nazi ideology as ‘a gross and politically motivated slur’. According to Sarah then, it doesn’t seem to be in the public interest to inform on those who share Holocaust denial material and stand outside malls boycotting a Jewish business. As the majority of articles I had found came from hard-core white supremacist sites, I wonder if Sarah has other examples where she doesn’t want such vile racism exposed publicly?

You see, Sarah needed to write a piece that condemned those posts, but actually wanted to write one that cleansed the SPSC, and yes, even the activists of any real blame. Because here is the crunch. Those activists weren’t just SPSC ‘fringe material’ as Sarah Glynn would desperately want you to believe. These activists are the people who man the SPSC stalls, they are the ones who come out in the rain to demonstrate. These activists are the ones that call the SPSC HQ their ‘second home‘. Without these activists, the SPSC can’t move.

And the report was flawless because its findings are so clearly evident. Don’t let me tell you these people are front line SPSC activists. Google SPSC, find images of them in action, and then cross-check with the names in the report. It is that easy. Which is why the SPSC, and now Sarah Glynn’s attempts, to suggest that this isn’t actually about the ‘SPSC’, are so laughable.

Long winded excuses

Which is also why Glynn’s article engages in a rather long winded discussion excusing those who shared antisemitic material. As Glynn explains, ‘the internet has vastly outpaced development of our critical faculties’. She goes on to suggest that these ‘progressive activists’, are  just ‘sickened by official propaganda’ and are just on the ‘lookout for alternative sources of information’. Oh. That’s all right then. Now I get it, these people became posters of racist material by accident. When these activists saw the Jews blamed for all the evils in the world, when they came across Holocaust denial, these intelligent ‘progressive people’ just didn’t see racism.

Never have I seen such a twisted excuse for blatant racism. ‘Sorry guv, it weren’t my fault I hit the black guy, that newspaper made me do it’. Is this really the line Bella Caledonia are pushing?
Glynn even tries the ‘we don’t pay attention to what we share’ argument about a group of people who have swallowed the ‘Rothschild global conspiracy’ whole and freely choose to frequent awful white supremacist sites looking for material. By this point the post was simply embarrassing.

Having belittled a detailed report whilst failing to actually point out what was wrong with it, Glynn then spent three long paragraphs explaining how these Scottish progressives apparently have a fetish for accidentally stumbling onto white supremacy websites. It is also important to remember that none of the images in the report refer to the conflict. Here too Glynn attempts the absurd, by suggesting conspiracies about Israel being behind 9/11 or the terror strikes in Europe are actually posts about Israel rather than classic examples of Israel being traded as the world’s Jew. If Glynn doesn’t see that Israeli conspiracy theories are just the modern version of the ancient cry over Jews spreading plague then she really needs to take a few steps backwards.

Only in the final section does Sarah Glynn go into a pointless final defence of the SPSC. Trying to suggest that a group totally blind to all its activists posting Nazi material online, takes a firm stance against antisemitism.  At this point Glynn is insulting the intelligence of anyone still reading.

Some of those who posted Nazi material, have publicly celebrated online, because in their ‘progressive’ anti-Zionist circles, it is now ‘in’ to be accused of antisemitism. It is this sickening blurring of the lines between Nazi ideology and human rights, that Sarah Glynn and Bella Caledonia so successfully contributed to with their article.

Bella Caledonia and blaming the victims

I have little interest in Sarah Glynn, she has just decided to defend her friends. She is clearly another run of a mill activist, whose has become blind to the enormous internal contradictory pillars on which her current paradigm is built. It is both sad and shameless. Look at what it may her do here. These people share ‘Nazi’ posts.

So the ‘kudos of the blind’ must go to the editorial team at Bella Caledonia. I wonder if they even read the piece. The article did nothing of what they said it set out to do. It did not ‘unpick’ any lines between anti-Zionism and antisemitism, nor did it demonstrate why the report was ‘flawed and absurd’. The post attacked the report, because it needed to deflect from the devastating implications of the message within it. To do it, the article had to belittle or explain away the presence of white supremacy ideology in so many SPSC activists.

But another disgraceful element of the blog Bella Caledonia published hasn’t yet been covered. When discussing my conclusion (that ‘antisemitism is a primary driver of anti-Israel activity’), Sarah Glynn suggests:
‘But correlation does not prove causation, and if there is a causative link, then why not the other way around, with awareness of Israeli atrocities increasing receptiveness to the proliferating web of anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories’.’

'Let’s put aside the fact that clearly Glynn hasn’t got a clue what is going on in Israel. This is a (potentially) award-winning blog blaming the victims for the racism they suffer. Or suggesting that ‘people may increasingly hate the Jews, because of the way they imagine some Jews behave’. Or perhaps it is not really the fault of the racist that he is a racist. Is Glynn actually that galactically dense? She is describing racism to a tee. The blaming on the whole for the actions of some. So in effect the blog argues that antisemitism is a cause of antisemitism. How about the site running a blog about how scam emails from Nigeria, give rise to a dislike of black people? A story that Bella Caledonia, rightfully, would never condone running.

Turning the screw

In fact, let us look at how Bella Caledonia treat ‘Islamophobia’. I want to draw your attention to this little nugget:
“Islamophobia is on the rise in Scotland. That is troubling enough. But what’s even more concerning is that many of those whom I would define as Islamophobic feel very good about it. They see themselves not as racist or xenophobic, but as defenders of democracy and human rights against the adherents of a religion they believe is incompatible with both.”

It is stunning how the ability to see, only ever extends to the ideological horizons that people create for themselves. I suggest to the editors of the Bella Caledonia site and Sarah Glynn, that they read the Islamophobia article, digest the argument properly, and then look long and hard in the mirror.

The author of the piece above clearly felt Islamophobia was an issue that needed to be tackled. That message clearly fits Bella Caledonia’s world vision. And yet someone publishes a massive expose about Scottish activists pushing Nazi ideology, and Bella Caledonia choose to run an article that belittles, excuses and deflects from the accusation of antisemitism. It even goes as far as to suggest that when people who hate Jews so much that they believe every nasty accusation against Israel, become more antisemitic as they swallow more lies, somehow this is all the fault of the Jews in Israel. Which is why the activists post Nazi material apparently. Jeez. Really?

The Bella Caledonia blog is up for an award. The award event takes place on 24th November. Perhaps in today’s world, publishing a blog providing excuses for those who push Nazi ideology will help push them past the post. Could you imagine Vuelio (the blog awards) giving an award to a blog that suggests the actions of some black people are somehow responsible for an increase in racism? No, thought not. But Jews? Well, that is a story Bella Caledonia seem happy to run with.


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