Criminals should face 'race-blind' prosecutions to tackle discrimination, landmark review recommends

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Criminals should face 'race-blind' prosecutions to tackle discrimination, landmark review recommends

Post by Guest on Fri Sep 08, 2017 9:05 am

Criminals could face "race-blind" prosecutions and have their identities concealed to ensure that they are not discriminated against under plans set out by a landmark review. Under the proposals any information which could identify an individual, including their name, would be redacted from case files to allow the Crown Prosecution Service to make “race-blind” decisions.

It is hoped such a move would help ensure the criminal justice system treats all races and ethnicities the same amid concerns that some groups have higher prosecution rates for certain serious offences than others. Meanwhile, ministers have also been urged to consider introducing a “deferred prosecution” system to allow offenders to seek help to get them back on the straight and narrow instead of entering a plea and going through the courts.

The measures are set out in the Lammy Review, chaired by the Labour MP David Lammy, which examines the way in which the justice system treats individuals from black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) backgrounds.

Interesting idea to take. Of course this should never extend to being used for an actual trial itself, as body language is so important to assess within a trial. Though this would be a very fair system, for the CPS to assess each case with no identity. Just the evidence and aspects of the crime. At least this should rule out any potential racial/religious/gender bias on whether to prosecute or not.

I only see one flaw, if they are repeat offenders? Where someone with previous, could get overlooked and let off without a trial. Or will this be highlighted also? Or certain crimes like religious or political terrorism. Not sure how you can not notice certain aspects of that case?


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Re: Criminals should face 'race-blind' prosecutions to tackle discrimination, landmark review recommends

Post by Guest on Fri Sep 08, 2017 9:42 am

Well this is interesting. As apparently the religion is not know pending a CPS case.

The unexplained increase in the number of Muslims in prison is a “worrying” trend and potential source of “social division”, a landmark report into racism in criminal justice has said. Labour MP David Lammy said the lack of data meant the fact the Muslim prison population had risen almost a 50 percent in a decade was unexplained, adding: “The lack of transparency undermines accountability.”

The Muslim prison population is now 13,200. It means Muslims are 15 percent of all prisoners but five percent of the British population. In his report on race disparity in the criminal justice system, Lammy notes courts and prosecutors don’t record defendants’ religion and said this made it impossible to answer why the Muslim population had surged.

I mean seriously, how can he not say why there has been an increase with Muslims in Jail. Granted I take his point about conversions.. Where also a factor that a high number of Muslims are also unemployed may play an aspect also. There are far more in jail, but I think its evident. Is because far more of the grooming gangs have been prosecuted in the last 5 years, as well as extremists. It does not have to be a terrorist crime, for them to have committed an offence related to their extremist views. Like hate crimes against Jews, homosexuals, women, honour killings ect. So going just off terrorist convictions is again not being honest about the problems of extremist beliefs.

They clearly don't want to admit this, as they know it will increase a climate of fear with some. But not saying what the actual problems are, will make the matter even worse. As people know very well there is a big problem with Islamic extremism in this country and grooming gangs. Where if you are not being open and honest about the problems. Then how on earth do they expect to help combat and tackle the problem?

This is not to say many Muslims are like this, far from it and they should not be clubbed together with those who are criminals. But as seen. a substantial number are an issue in this country. I mean 35,000 extremists known to the security services is a huge issue. To deny there is a problem, does not help the situation at all. If we are going to be more honest about this. Then it means more Muslims have to get on board, helping to tackle this problem from within Muslim communities. Yes many are already doing this, but clearly they are losing the battle of ideology, to extremist hate preachers. Where also some are protecting sexual offenders.

So we all need to engage more and unite with Muslims to tackle, unemployment, radicalization extremism and sexual abuse, but we need to start being honest that there is a problem.


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