"Tony Abbott you C*nt" is free speech

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"Tony Abbott you C*nt" is free speech  Empty "Tony Abbott you C*nt" is free speech

Post by veya_victaous on Wed Aug 30, 2017 7:43 am


SIGN-wearing activist Danny Lim has won an appeal against a $500 fine for offensive behaviour in a landmark case he declared “a win for freedom of speech”.

The 73-year-old Sydney man has been fighting an infringement notice he copped in August, 2015, for brandishing a “sandwich board” sign targeting then Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

The sign read: “Peace smile. People can change. Tony you can’t,” but the “a” in “can’t” was printed upside down to hint at the use of the profanity.

The self-described “social activist” launched an appeal in the District Court after he was convicted for offensive behaviour in a public place early last year.

Judge Andrew Scotting today overturned the ruling, saying Lim had demonstrated “a reasonable excuse for his actions”.
He found the primary magistrate “had not stated a reason why a person would have been offended” and “wording alone” could not be constituted as offensive behaviour.

“While the conduct was inappropriate and in poor taste, I am not satisfied beyond reasonable doubt it was offensive,” he said.

“The front of the sandwich board was capable of being construed as being clever or light hearted (while) also capable of being read as the word ‘can’t’.

“The language used was clearly a play on words”.
The appeal comes after hundreds of Mr Lim’s supporters rallied behind a crowd-funding campaign to pay off the $500 fine.

But Mr Lim refused to accept the donation, saying he was determined to fight the case in court.

Speaking from the Downing Centre Court on Tuesday, Mr Lim said the verdict was “a win for freedom of speech”.

“The sign was never meant to be offensive — it was a pun and the politicians should have a laugh with us,” he said.

“That’s what Australia is all about — freedom of speech, sense of humour and the right to be yourself”.

Danny Lim, pictured with the sign and MP Malcolm Turnbull.

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"Tony Abbott you C*nt" is free speech  Empty Re: "Tony Abbott you C*nt" is free speech

Post by WhoseYourWolfie on Wed Aug 30, 2017 10:45 am

"Tony Abbott you C*nt" is free speech  3893789544

Good ol' Tony Abbott...

Oz's leading anti-democracy, anti-equality, anti-worker, climate-denialist pollie..

I reckon the original magistrate was confusing his own political proclivities with the actual law itself.

Typical LNP_supporting twonk, he be..

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