SAS soldier says he faced anti-gay discrimination

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SAS soldier says he faced anti-gay discrimination

Post by Guest on Sun Jul 30, 2017 10:01 am

An SAS soldier claims underlying prejudice against gay personnel is hampering their promotion - despite a senior general saying he wants to spearhead sexual equality. The decorated soldier says he was pushed aside for promotion to sergeant - despite his outstanding military pedigree on operations - because many senior officers refuse to accept gay soldiers in the elite regiment.

The experienced special forces Corporal was listed for a promotion board to sergeant after returning from operations last year, but while many of his colleagues were successful he failed and was told he needed to gain more time on operations. But just three weeks after the promotion board sat the soldier, who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, was told by a close friend that senior officers had discovered that he was gay and that had affected his chances.

The soldier, whose identity we have chosen to protect, said: “Nobody will openly admit that they don’t want gays in 22 (the SAS Regiment), but the fact is that senior officers have concerns, not about our ability, but more about how our sexual lifestyle will impact on the regiment.


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