Moment 20 Lions fans perform the 'Yorkshire 'aka' in New Zealand - replacing Maori lines with British slang

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Moment 20 Lions fans perform the 'Yorkshire 'aka' in New Zealand - replacing Maori lines with British slang

Post by HoratioTarr on Thu Jul 20, 2017 9:46 am

a group of British Lions supporters had a different take on the famous All Blacks pregame ritual, performing a lighthearted version on an Auckland street.

Dressed in bright red Lion jerseys and matching flat caps, the 19 men lined up outside a pub to perform the 'Yorkshire 'aka'.
They were part of a group of Yorkshiremen touring New Zealand with the combined British and Irish team as it took on clubs around the country.

It was performed as they were drinking on July 8 in preparation for the third test against the All Blacks the next day that ended in a 15-15 draw.

The leader of the group, in a pronounced Yorkshire accent, began the dance by telling bemused locals they were going to 'show respect to our native hosts'.

They started off chanting 'eeeeh by gum' which is Yorkshire slang for 'oh my God' and has the right number of syllables to fit with the song.

The group then put their hands on their foreheads to mime looking for something while bellowing 'where's me whippet?' which is dog breed similar to a greyhound that is popular in northeast England.

The zany dance then paid tribute to Yorkshire's thrifty reputation with the line 'ow much?' with accompanying hand gestures.

Finally they advanced several paces shouting 'I'll si thi' (I'll see you) and stamping their feet before pulling wacky faces.
One of the men said the dance wasn't meant to be disrespectful and was well received by New Zealanders whenever they performed it.

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