MPs to reveal general election abuse against candidates

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MPs to reveal general election abuse against candidates

Post by Guest on Wed Jul 12, 2017 5:12 am

The shocking extent of abuse suffered by candidates in last month's general election is to be exposed in an unprecedented Commons debate. In an hour-long debate, MPs will hear first-hand accounts of anti-Semitic attacks, racist abuse, intimidation, smears, slashed tyres and even death threats. Many of the incidents are contained in a new report by the All-Party Parliamentary Group Against Anti-Semitism, which is demanding new laws and tougher discipline by parties.

Examples of abuse during the general election campaign in the group's report include:

:: A Conservative candidate, Ameet Jogia, was subjected to racial abuse at a polling station
:: Conservative MP Sheryll Murray's election posters were daubed with swastikas
:: Former Tory minister Andrew Percy was said to have been called "Zionist scum"
:: Former Labour MP Iain Wright claimed he was assaulted and his family threatened with violence while he was delivering leaflets
:: Labour MP Naz Shah, previously suspended for her own anti-Semitic posts, was herself a victim of anti-Semitism at hustings.

The Commons debate, thought to be the first of its kind, is being staged by Conservative MP Simon Hart, who is expected to accuse Jeremy Corbyn's hard-left Momentum supporters of intimidation.


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