999 services need to shift from 'outdated model' stuck in the 70s

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999 services need to shift from 'outdated model' stuck in the 70s

Post by Guest on Sun Jul 02, 2017 2:10 am

999 services need to shift from an “outdated and inefficient” model stuck in the 1970s with major reforms to respond to rising demand, NHS chiefs have said.

Health officials are poised to announce radical changes which mean call handlers will be given up to four times as long to decide if an ambulance should be sent.

Prof Jonathan Benger, national clinical director for urgent care, said changes were needed so paramedics could get to the sickest patients quicker, and waste less time on cases where they were not needed.

The current rules state that 75 per cent of calls classed as life-threatening are supposed to receive a response within eight minutes.

Before the clock starts, handlers have just 60 seconds to gather information - meaning they often send a response before crucial details have been established.

The model is based on an approach introduced in 1974, which has since been modified.



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