'How House of Cards' series eerily predicted the Grenfell Tower fire in 1993

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'How House of Cards' series eerily predicted the Grenfell Tower fire in 1993

Post by eddie on Wed Jun 21, 2017 11:09 pm

The video is on the link and well worth watching! Eerily spooky.


"A disaster waiting to happen"

The tragic circumstances of last week's fire in Grenfell Tower in West London were chillingly foreshadowed in an episode of the original House of Cards, as one eagle-eyed Vimeo user has noticed.

The BBC political drama, which started in 1990 and ran as a trilogy of series until 1995, followed the machiavellian workings of Tory politician Francis Urquhart. Based on a novel by Michael Dobbs, a former Conservative Party chief of staff, the drama inspired US streaming service Netflix to create a remake in 2013, transferring the action to the White House.

In the 1993 second series, To Play the King, Urquhart, now prime minister, creates upset when dealing with a fire and subsequent collapse of Corbusier House, an overlooked tower block in inner-city London. Urquhart's nemesis is not the leader of the Labour Party, but the new, politically engaged King, who is determined to turn up at the site of the disaster " to comfort my people", while the Prime Minister remained aloof and detached.

The words of one of the King's advisors sound eerily familiar following the tragedy of Grenfell Tower, which architects and inhabitants warned was "a disaster waiting to happen" after cladding used to make the building more sustainable could have accelerated the fire.

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