Democrats closer to endorsing cuts to PA aid

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Democrats closer to endorsing cuts to PA aid Empty Democrats closer to endorsing cuts to PA aid

Post by Guest on Sun Jun 18, 2017 4:39 am

Top Senate Democrats say they are closer to signing on to a Republican-backed bill that would slash aid to the Palestinian Authority (PA) if it did not stop subsidizing jailed terrorists, JTA reported Friday. Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY), the minority leader in the Senate, told attendants at the Orthodox Union’s annual Washington action day on Thursday that he would support the Taylor Force Act or legislation similar to it if the Trump administration is unable to get the PA to stop the payments.

“[PA chairman Mahmoud] Abbas has to stop making payments to terrorists and their families, and all elected officials should call them out,” Schumer said, according to JTAAlso edging closer to endorsing the legislation was Sen. Ben Cardin (D-MD), the top Democrat on the Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee. “We’re going to find a way to pass the Taylor Force Act,” Cardin said, suggesting that he wanted changes to the bill before he could fully endorse it. The measure was named for an American who was murdered in a 2016 stabbing attack in Tel Aviv.

Democrats closer to endorsing cuts to PA aid Stabbers

This is the second time we have seen Republicans and Democrats come together on an issue and again around hate of Israel and Israeli's. The first as where every single US senator signed a letter condemning the UN and the BDS. It shows how and why no matter political affiliations, Republicans and Democrats can work together against those of hate. The saddest things is genuine Palestinians will lose out, and already lose out, when the PA continues to pay terrorists for murdering Jews. Aid money is meant for those who need help, not to reward those who murder people.


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