‘Corbyn surge’ in London faltered in ‘bagel belt’ suburbs with strong Jewish vote

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‘Corbyn surge’ in London faltered in ‘bagel belt’ suburbs with strong Jewish vote

Post by Guest on Sun Jun 11, 2017 5:52 am

Had its leader not been so toxic in the Jewish community, Labour might have hurt PM May even more.

LONDON — Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has long been a bête noire for the British Jewish community. His anti-Israel activism, combined with the spate of allegations of anti-Semitism in the party on his watch, triggered a visceral reaction. As the elections results Friday showed a drift back to Labour that cost Theresa May’s Conservative Party its parliamentary majority and left May battered and discredited, British Jews seemed to move sharply in the opposite direction. A poll last week for the Jewish Chronicle had indicated that 77 per cent planed to vote Tory and only 13 per cent Labour, and nothing in the results appeared to contradict those findings.

Corbyn’s surge in support during the campaign – evident as the results came in overnight – was powered by young people. Young Jews, however, remained largely immune to his appeal: the JC poll indicating that less than one-quarter of those aged 18-34 planning to vote Labour. Given the closeness of the result, Jewish voters, who are concentrated in a small number of highly marginal seats, may potentially have helped preserve May’s premiership.



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