Exclusive: Yvonne Fletcher murder suspect 'told he was in the clear in secret letter'

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Exclusive: Yvonne Fletcher murder suspect 'told he was in the clear in secret letter'

Post by Guest on Thu May 18, 2017 8:14 am

The prime suspect in the murder of police officer Yvonne Fletcher was given a letter from Tony Blair’s government reassuring him he was not wanted over the killing, his lawyer has told the Telegraph. Saleh Ibrahim Mabrouk was informed he was not a suspect as long ago as 2002 at a time when Britain was forging close relations with Muammar Gaddafi’s regime.

However, a 192-page review of the police evidence seen by the Telegraph repeatedly identifies Mabrouk as one of the suspected ringleaders of a “pre-arranged plan to cause death”. Mabrouk, who lives in Berkshire, was finally arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to murder in 2015 but the prosecution was blocked on Tuesday on grounds of “national security”.

The refusal to explain the decision to drop the case prompted a furious row on Wednesday, with former police chiefs demanding an explanation.

The apparent existence of the letter to Mabrouk has echoes of so-called “comfort” letters given to IRA suspects.

Mabrouk, a senior member of the “revolutionary committee” that ran the Libyan embassy at the time of WPc Fletcher’s murder in April 1984, was expelled from Britain in the aftermath. In 2000 he was allowed back into the UK a year after Mr Blair had restored diplomatic relations with Libya. WPc Fletcher’s mother, Queenie Fletcher, was paid £250,000 in compensation by the Gaddafi regime as part of the agreement to resume diplomatic ties.



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Re: Exclusive: Yvonne Fletcher murder suspect 'told he was in the clear in secret letter'

Post by The Devil, You Know on Thu May 18, 2017 9:51 am

they were very good at giving terrorists and murderers a get out of jail free card

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