"When A Jew Recieves the Same Medicine"

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"When A Jew Recieves the Same Medicine" Empty "When A Jew Recieves the Same Medicine"

Post by Guest on Mon Mar 13, 2017 8:17 pm

Watch the Double Standards of Freedom speech when you make joke about Jews. The entire government law enforcement and Media will be after you till they destroy your name every means possible.


Oh and to see in full what was really said about Killing Christ

So you get the context

If anyone wants to see how bad Antisemitism is becoming, just go to the link and read the comments. I have posted some below and watch the video

Now I posted the following in response to the video.

How is it a double standard?
A Jew talking about killing a Jew?
Christ was a Jew and is the bases for a belief system.
Religions are ideologies and beliefs and are open to ridicule

Now Holocaust denial, as dumb and stupid as it is, should not be a criminal offense, but offensive views about an ethnic or religious group are wrong and discrimination.

How can it be discrimination to Jews, based on a Jew wanting to Kill Christ, given the chance?

He is meant to die anyway, to save the sins of people, so it would fulfill his purpose

So why would a Christian be offended?

It was the Romans that killed him, according to the books.

Now Jews are a people, defined as not only a religious people but an ethnic group and the reasons for the holocaust was based on racial hatred.

Now should the show have been stopped?

No, but people should have rightly refused to go and watch this mockery of Jews around the holocaust

How is wanting to carry out the same fulfillment claimed in the bible of Christ really going to effect anyone, other than those without a sense of humour?

Making a mockery of those who suffered in the holocaust is as about as low as it gets to those who did suffer. Where as the whole purpose claimed for Christ coming here as a Jew, is to suffer, die, rise again and save everyone from their sins.

Its not even comparable.

Now some examples of the comments were this:


Bicu Alexandru
What a disgusting wretch that woman is. I hope she'll be thinking about what she said when the filth of her kind will be wiped off the map. Yes , I said it. There is no possibility of coexistence between Jewish Zionists and the human race.
a wraith
Jews are lower than cockroaches.

Fuck that kike bitch. I love when she confused survey/construction markers with swastikas. Stunned geranium

Jews are a disease...whiny lil lying bitches..They can commit genocide then blame everyone else for it with lies....devil seed

Capone 3:162 days ago
Jews are the spawn of satan


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