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Aries March 2017

Dust off your superhero costume and get ready for the most action-packed month of 2017. Not only are we heading into Aries season, with the Sun supercharging your batteries from the 20th, but there’s also a revolution coming, and it’s got your name on it. Jupiter, the Planet of expansion, is opposing Uranus the unpredictable who is in your sign. what does this mean? It means you are not going to settle; there’s a fire roaring in your soul, and you seek freedom and an uncompromised life. On top of that, you may be pivotal in bringing happiness and freedom to someone else. You are not one to shy away from playing the hero and your bold deeds encourage a friend or lover to speak and live their truth.
‘And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.’ – Marianne Williamson
How you go about making the changes that you seek will have a huge influence on your future. It’s going to be tempting to react in the moment and cut down a person or situation that has been with you a long time. Please take a breath before you make any radical decisions. It’s not about stopping or holding back, it’s about being kind to others as you seize the day. For some, freedom may come from making a commitment. Jupiter is in your relationship zone, so this is where you are going to have to be the most honest. The revolution you are experiencing is all about love.
On the 1st, the Moon is in your sign joining forces with Venus, Mars and Uranus opposite Jupiter. You are at your most emotionally powerful on this day and will have a clue about where the rest of the month will take you. You’re likely to do something rash and exciting, but do try not to go over the top (no making love in a canoe as you tumble over Niagra Falls). Your feelings are ramped up and impossible to contain, which gives you the perfect opportunity to practice compassion with the raw truth statements that you can’t hold back. There’s some pretty intense and passionate communication happening which comes from your hunger to hear and express the truth.
The following day it may be hard for you to express yourself clearly as most of the decisions and ideas that you are making are based on soul reasoning and inner knowing, rather than practical logic, and that can be quite difficult to explain. However, you should have at least one person around you that understands where you are coming from. You’re drawing similar souls to you that want to support you and help you move forwards.
Declarations of love and lust are also flying about this month with deep soul connections and strong chemistry. If you feel something, you are going to act on it and find it tough to have self-control. Practice mindfulness, meditation or just a quiet walk in nature to ground yourself and allow your inner voice to find the right answers. With Venus retrograde from the 4th, it’s time to resolve any unfinished business with an ex. Your intuition is on high alert. Expect some spooky and profound conversations on the 4th when Mercury hooks up with Neptune for a psychic revelation.
A Fire trine on the 10th has the Moon making you optimistic for success, Mars in Aries pushing you forward, and Saturn backing you up by giving your freedom boost solid foundations. It’s Mars’s last great push to independence as the following day your Ruler switches signs focusing your energy on finance and grounding your new plans.
With Mercury conjunct Venus in your sign on the 18th, it’s impossible not to express your desire and emotions as it all gets quite volcanic. This is one of the most passionate months of the year for you, and you are throwing yourself into love with wild abandon. Be careful of impulsive marriage proposals or committing before you’ve thought things through, should be fun, though!
A tricky New Moon on the 25th may be a little testing. Usually, a New Moon in your sign is something to celebrate as it heralds a new start and letting go of the last year’s baggage. This New Moon is pushing you to make extreme decisions around your career. You crave and need expansion and are willing to do what it takes to move on. Having said that, if you are playing it safe, the decision may be taken out of your hands. This is nothing to worry about as it’s all about pushing you to do what your soul needs. There may be some challenges between work and love, but it will eventually be resolved. This is one hell of a month, but it brings you back into alignment with your heart.

Taurus March 2017

It’s magic this month as you’re thrown from your grounded hooves into a wonderland of mystic happenings. A host of Planets are in your 12th house of empathy, psychic intuition, escapism and secrets. It’s quite difficult to get ahead unless you use your psychic Sat Nav and gut feelings, but if you do, you could go much further than you thought possible!
From the get go on the 1st we have the Moon, Venus, Mars and Uranus all in that position opposing Jupiter the Planet of expansion in your 6th house of work, details, health and well-being. Although it’s an opposition, it’s a good combination; it reminds you that you find freedom through paying attention to the details. Jupiter opposite Uranus is a very powerful transit and reminds you to use your instincts while reading the small print, and doing all that you can do to come up with the perfect plan. All sorts of signs and messages from the Cosmos pop up at the start of the month, and you have to work out which are flaky and which are golden opportunities. On top of that, a secret is revealed, but did you sense it all along?
‘You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover is yourself.’ – Alan Alda
Romance takes a fated turn as you feel things much more deeply than usual, you can be carried off on a pink cloud of fantasy and will not come out of the haze until April 15th. Venus is going retro in this magical zone, whisking you into soul connections and past life lovers. What was going on for you in March/April 2009? Were you more or less romantic then? Did you meet someone who you were destined to meet, and if so, what were the lessons?
For some people, an ex may reappear in a strange way. Perhaps you look up from the Organic Veg counter in your local grocery store, and there they are picking up a melon with that same quizzical look on their face. Does this mean you are expected to go back? Not necessarily, it’s just as likely to happen to show you how far you have come and reconnect you to your power. We tend to view the past with different lenses and see things from very different angles as time passes. Work out what the soul lesson is and take charge of you destiny. This is also a great time to cast spells, create your future through cosmic ordering/quantum creating/LOA. Spirituality and all forms of psychic practice are on top form as you are in tune with the Universe. You also have added empathy and need to make sure you are not over merging with those around you so that you don’t get emotionally drained.
On the 10th you have a total energy reboot as Mars enters your sign, this is the beginning of a Taurus cycle as you gradually come back to yourself. It’s also perfect for you to ground all this magical energy and fluffy feelings. The Full Moon in the 12th is spectacular for you, get out and about. You’re on a creative and jovial high. It’s also pretty sexy, so go out on a date and feast upon the Moon’s good vibes.
On the 25th, there’s some extraordinary love magic, and finally on the 31st, Mercury the planet of communication goes into your sign which gives you the power to charm the birds out of the trees! Your words really are spells for a couple of weeks or so, what are you going to conjure with them?

Gemini March 2017

Your March Super Powers are all about your connection to others. You are finely tuned to the energy of groups and to collaborating and drawing the right people to you. The 11th House of community has such a strong vibe this month that you can’t fail if you want to share your ideas and join forces with others.
On the 1st, you may have remarkable experiences and revelations around the people you mix with and what they stand for. The Moon (stirring your unconscious), Venus the Planet of Love, Mars the Planet of war and action, and Uranus the unpredictable all come together to reveal the truth about your tribe, including the people you work with, hang out with and admire. You are fearlessly passionate about your beliefs at this time and also social justice. On the 2nd, Neptune the spiritual gives your soul some advice regarding your career. Look out for a coincidence or synchronicity and trust your psychic hunch in all things work related.
With Jupiter in your playful, creative zone opposing Uranus in your community zone on the 3rd, you have a call to freedom. You desire to express your views via your creativity and also joyfully. Even if you’re dealing with difficult topics, you have a way of expanding your response to incorporate a heartfelt and loving approach. You can make people laugh and feel good about themselves, but the flip side of this is that you want the freedom to express your solutions and ideas in your way. You won’t tolerate being bossed about or be forced to stick to rules and regulations. The good news is that you probably have the charm to get away with it!
Venus is going retro this month on the 4th and with it a rerun or return of a message from Spring 2009. Who were you hanging out with then? How was your love life affected by groups/study/social media? Someone you Web dated, or the ghost of Tinder past gets in touch. Or you might stumble across someone you met in a group or at an event. Venus retrograde is a perfect time to heal the past. You have up until April 15th to do it. Your Ruler, Mercury, is also conjunct Neptune the romantic, so there may be a soulful conversation that’s meant to be.
The Full Moon on the 12th has you fully focused on your home and family, and you’re very emotionally in tune with those around you. Snuggle up with those you love over a home cooked meal and re-bond.
Mercury joins the rest of the party making you a social network whizz and group cheerleader on the 13th. Your words are incredibly powerful and meaningful, so pay careful attention what message you want to put out there as you are taken seriously. Your ideas fly, as you feel inspired to connect with others. Mercury square Pluto, the Lord of transformation, could bring a power struggle and ultimatum with a friend or gang you’re in. You will not go down without a fight, but don’t fight dirty!
On the 31st the month ends with your ruler Mercury entering your mystical zone, and you find yourself having profound and moving conversations. A psychic connection with a love interest gets very steamy, but make sure you aren’t just indulging in fantasy as this position is perfect for role play and losing yourself in escapism. It’s also good for love letters and poetry!

Cancer March 2017

It’s time to get out of your comfort zone and shoot for the stars this month. A splurge of Planets in your career zone is bringing exceptional opportunities and challenges. On the 1st, you have your Ruler, the Moon, Venus the Planet of love, Mars the invincible and Uranus the unpredictable shaking your career tree. There’s a high chance of a work shake up and you sailing into the next phase. Okay, it is opposing Jupiter Planet of expansion and luck in your home sector, making you eager to be free from family restrictions, so you must shove yourself out of your nest.
Do be kind to those around you who are used to your nurturing presence, as that will make all of your lives easier in these changing times. What is your dream job? How can you make life easier in your current work setup? Do you have a desire to go it alone and start your own business? Mysterious and cosmic coincidences could bring you the chance you need, but you must be vigilant about how you go about it.
With Jupiter opposing Uranus on the 3rd, you can no longer ignore your inner calling. Don’t hold back, take action for change. There may be some surprise upheavals as Uranus likes to flip the bird to safe patterns, tipping things upside down so that you’re forced to be the best you can be in the moment.
The Full Moon on the 12th is trine Pluto the lord of change in your relationship zone. You’ll have a revelation regarding your intimate relationships, and a positive shift complete with a gratifying new chapter. Single? Look out for a strong character who is as mesmerising as they are charismatic.
The New Moon is a fantastic day to cast out your wishes for your career; it’s the beginning of a major shift in gear. However Pluto is less helpful, and it’s also the time you need to discuss in detail your plans. Lovers and family members might have strong opinions, but on this occasion, you’re likely to stick to your guns.

Leo March 2017

Yippie! It’s an uber exciting month! Prepare to embrace new horizons and quest for your very own Northern Skies; you seek fresh adventures that open your mind, and even if you don’t, the adventure will stalk you! It’s impossible not to learn, grow and expand this month as a swarm of Planets in your 9th house of growth, luck and adventure lights your fire for all things unusual and interesting. On the 1st, you dive right in as Moon, Venus, Mars and Uranus all join forces in this position, however, avoid saying anything rash like declaring your intention to run away with the circus or sign up for the Arctic Greenpeace Whale Watching boat until you’ve filled out the paperwork.
You might want to take on board what the Italian poet Cesare Pavese says about travel: ‘If you wish to travel far and fast, travel light. Take off all your envies, jealousies, unforgiveness, selfishness and fears’. This is pretty much what the 9th house wants to gift you this March.
All sorts of conversations about travel or learning occur, and you might find yourself falling for someone from a different culture or background. Vive la difference is your motto and the more different, the better. Mars and Venus in the 9th also add spice to your love life as you’re open and hungry to explore your sexuality by pushing the boundaries. The charismatic Sun and boundless Neptune are also in your steamy 8th house, while Mercury goes into your 8th house on the 4th and the 7th igniting a steamy, possibly taboo, romance or flirtation.
A Grand Fire Trine on the 10th has the Moon in your sign. You’re fired up to act and act fast. Whatever you’re passionate about, you now express, and you feel incredibly optimistic about your future success.
The Full Moon trine Pluto, the game changer, bringing you psychic insights into any unconscious blocks you have. You should be given a lead into how you can increase your wealth and abundance. With your Ruler, the Sun, joining the party in your adventure zone on the 20th, you have the confidence to go for it. The New Moon on the 28th brings the new cycle you’ve been waiting for, and a decision is made that makes things much easier.

Virgo March 2017

Money, power, sex and any other primal emotions you care to mention weigh heavily on your mind this March as you explore the underworld of your being! Lace up your warrior boots, unsheathe your sword of truth, pull on your cloak of unconditional love for yourself and others and get ready to rumble.
8th house energy does not have to be scary; some Virgos will be swept away in a torrent of passion. It fans the flames of lust and sprinkles depth into every conversation. The other famous cure the 8th house offers is a golden key to unlock a feeling of powerlessness and ignite a newfound sense of personal power.
On the 1st, The Moon, Venus, Mars and Uranus bring some of these issues to the surface. Embrace your gut feelings and avoid jealousy. There may be a conversation about a financial dynamic, how are your finances split? Do you have any shared resources? As long as you handle this energy carefully, there may be an unexpected increase in abundance for some Virgos.
The 2nd provides a beautiful, soulful energy and romantic connection. Love and fond feelings blossom as you seek to understand and merge with those you love.
Venus retrograde on the 4th allows you to take a trip down memory lane. Were you hurt in the past or felt powerless in a love situation? Have you experienced any loss in your life which may be stopping you surrendering to love now? Venus will heal you if you trust her, take her hand and face the past with compassion and empathy for yourself. An ex who you were previously obsessed with may rock up to test your resolve. Remember the wise words of Elenor Roosevelt: ‘No one can make you feel inferior unless you give your consent’. It’s time to support and love yourself.
On the 10th, Mars is making you fearless and adventurous. You’re ready to take on the world and explore new ventures and experiences. Hot on Mars tails is the Full Moon on the 12th which is in your sign! Not only that, she’s trine Pluto Lord of Transformation, in your pleasure/creative center. Look out for signs and symbols that point an arrow toward your happiness. Life is changing and making way for you to experience a deeper joy and more fulfilling life.
On the 28th, the New Moon offers you a new financial cycle as long as you take responsibility and meditate or reflect on your relationship with money and spending. Finally your Ruler, Mercury, switches signs taking some of the heat off your primal zone and making you feisty and strong. Watch out though, as you may have a tendency to be too blunt with the truth. Temper it with empathy and love, as you fearlessly speak your truth.

Libra March 2017

March is a huge month for you as your Ruler, Venus, take a trip backwards in your relationship zone. Venus Retro has not been in this particular position since Spring 2009, so it might be worth thinking back to what happened to you in March/April 2009. Were you happy? How did you resolve emotional issues? What was your relationship with yourself like? It won’t be an exact rerun, in fact it’s more likely to be a time where you prove to yourself how far you’ve come in terms of your relationship with yourself and others. If there is any unfinished business from that time, it will return. Loving yourself and being deeply honest about your personal relationships can provide you with profound emotional healing.
on the 1st, just before Venus swans off down memory lane, we have the Moon, Venus, Mars and Uranus ramping up the energy in your love life. Expect the unexpected. You’re very intuitive and receptive to the love undercurrents that surround you and start to understand very clearly what is going on emotionally with the people you love or are attracted to.
There’s talk on the 2nd of getting involved in charity or helping people in some way which you will find surprisingly rewarding this month. You will be energised when you support others and join forces with people for a good cause. Book that charity fun run, go on the march you feel strongly about, or nip to the older neighbour with a bowl of soup and a game of scrabble.
Jupiter in your sign opposite Uranus on the 3rd is a big deal. You have a call to freedom and to stretch your soul. You may suddenly decide to change your life and find yourself acting on it. Fingers crossed your gamble pays off and you set sail on a new life path.
The Full Moon on the 12th gives you psychic answers to a family or home issue and all your instincts point to the truth of a longstanding issue or problem.
Mercury conjunct Venus retro on the 18th is a spectacular day for healing love and having a memorable romantic experience. Old soul wounds are resolved, soulmate troubles soothed and understood as well as a love revelation. The New Moon on the 28th is bringing a brand, spanking new love cycle which asks for your trust and surrender. For some Libra, it is letting go of what is no longer right for you, and for others, fresh green shoots of love appear.

Scorpio March 2017

A fascinating month of opposites fulfills your need for change. Change is a funny old chestnut for you, you crave it but are cautious and can sometimes overthink things until the opportunity shifts or passes. This month it’s decision time, and the best way to handle it is to have a couple of weeks of clean living (sound boring? Don’t panic there are also some great times for carousing). If you treat your body like the proverbial temple, you’ll be amazed at how the answers come.
There’s a gathering of Planets in your 6th house of health and well-being, work and service to others. When we go with the flow, life has a habit of falling into place, and believe it or not, you’ll probably enjoy it. Try not to resist what your body and soul are trying to tell you. Take a minute right now to tune into your body from top to toe. How does it feel? You’re naturally a primal being, and when your body is connected to the passionate soul you possess, anything is possible.
On the 2nd, the Sun is conjunct Neptune the divine in your pleasure zone. You merge with soulmates or could meet someone extraordinary who you have a spiritual and sexual connection. It’s a day of creativity and feeling at one with the Universe.
Jupiter opposing Uranus has you a little torn on the 3rd. You crave the freedom to express your inner feelings and intuitions versus going to extremes in work or play. Avoid being self-critical or critical of others and don’t let anyone’s opinion of you stop you going for your dreams.
The big news of the month is Venus going Retro; it doesn’t mean getting out your disco ball and flares or surrendering to a hipster beard (unless you were doing that in the Spring of 2009, in which case it might!). It asks you to reflect on the old you, how your body responds to being in relationships and how well you look after yourself. Do you tend to put on weight in relationships or speak to yourself in an unkind voice? Or do you take care of yourself more when you are in love? What patterns can you learn from back in March/April 2009? Venus was last here then. An old pattern can be healed and completed now, but only if you do the inner work. A Virgo or an Aries may pop up and be involved in this lesson. On the 4th, you have the chance of some good loving once you have embraced the past.
Mars goes into your relationship zone awakening your lusty side, but if you aren’t getting along with a lover, you could find yourself more bad-tempered than usual. Doing anything physical together can ease this. Single? An ex could swing by.
The Full Moon on the 12th is trine your Ruler Pluto in your communication zone; the 12th is the perfect day to meet new and exciting friends and collaborators. The New Moon on the 28th gives you a clean slate to swap bad habits for good ones and to clear your mind of any self-doubt or negativity. It’s time to reboot your relationship to yourself and dance into the next era.


Jupiter, your Ruler, is retrograde in your friendship, collaboration zone. The past tinges March, bringing back old friends and possibly an ex-lover as well as a slew of conversations about teamwork. Expect reunions and lots of partying. For the majority March, the energy is all about love, happiness, fun and creativity. You should have it much easier than most as you feel optimistic and cheery, and have a sense that good things are coming your way.
On the 1st, The Moon, Venus, Mars and Uranus all gather together to encourage you to experience a high, but try not to go to extremes as you could get very carried away. It’s fun times but be very choosy who you share yourself with all month; the wrong crowd can put a downer on your happy time. Group energy is contagious and your feel-good vibe can be dampened by a ‘bah humbug’ tribe.
The Sun conjunct Neptune on the 2nd is a fabulous day to snuggle up at home with someone you love (or the cat) and watch soppy films over a home cooked meal or your favourite take out. It’s also perfect to meditate, indulge in cosy times and recharge.
Jupiter is having a bit of a dust up with Uranus the unpredictable on the 3rd, making the balance between partying and doing what you love versus other people’s opinions and a group project. Perhaps you fall in love and lose your focus or fancy taking a day off to do your own creative projects. It will all work out, but don’t react in the moment and make a rash commitment as Pluto is square your Ruler at the end of the month and threatens to transform your finances for good or bad. Make the right choice early on and you could be onto a winner.
Mars Trine Saturn in your sign has you fiercely committed to your happiness and determined to make your life more creative. A Grand Fire Trine on the 10th energises and focuses you while the Full Moon on the 12th gives you a revelation about your career and finances. You have an unstoppable drive to change things, although there may be some resistance from someone close on the 17th, handle this with care and gentleness or the argument could drag on.
The New Moon on the 28th is the start of your next level of creativity and happiness; it could also herald the start of an important new romance. Pluto is asking you to make sure you have all your financial foundations firmly planted and not go on a spending frenzy. All in all, you should be flying high!

Capricorn March 2017

The Sun is making you very confident about what you have to say and charismatic when you deliver your ideas. There are some stellar career opportunities this month, but it’s essential you find the right work/life balance. A tonne of Planets in your 4th house of home and family make a lot going on in all areas. Family members crave your attention, as they may be having one or two dramas that you usually help out with. Having said that, there are rich rewards in your home and family zone. If you’ve wanted to make a move or redecorate, this month is perfect. Equally, it’s the right time to resolve family rifts and have cosy and loving times at home.
On the 1st, The Moon, Venus, Mars and Uranus all huddle together and bring you their different gifts in the home/family area. It’s emotional, dashes of unexpected conversations and a flurry of energy to get things done. Jupiter is stepping in to bring you work opportunities which may be difficult to fulfill if you don’t sort out an effective strategy. Perhaps you will need added childcare or an extra pair of hands to walk the dog? It may be that someone in your family is getting resentful of the time you want to spend following your dreams, but hopefully all this can be resolved by loving conversations. Thanks to the Moon, you have a strong feeling of sisterhood. Sisters do not have to be blood related, but the women we are close to who share our memories, good and bad times. If you have any work to do on healing your relationship to your mother or motherhood, this is the time to do it.
On the 2nd, the Sun and Neptune bring a profound and important idea or conversation so pay attention and don’t dismiss information until you’ve thought it through.
The big news of the month is Venus going retro and taking you back to the Spring of 2009 (that’s when she was last in this particular mood). What were you up to then? And most importantly, where were you living and what did your life feel like? How was your family harmony? Venus wants to heal the past or bring you a gift from the past. What do you need? As with all retrograde messages, you have to figure out what you need to change and what your responsibility in the past was. Once you do that, you’ll zoom ahead. Venus retro often brings back ex lovers who pop up in the most unusual places or appear shrouded in strange coincidences.
The Full Moon on the 12th is in your house of adventure, learning and expansion. Look out for a sudden desire to travel somewhere or an urge to finally apply for that online course or next level of training. You might take up travel writing or connect with an unusual stranger, while the New Moon on the 28th is the start of a new chapter where you release the past, heal old family or childhood wounds and move on with a lighter step.
Life takes a creative and cheerful turn on the 31st when Mercury, the Planet of communication, brings you some good news and you get chatty, flirtatious and inventive.

(AQUARIUS and PISCES coming soon)

“Some people will never like you because your spirit irritates their demons ”
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