The Immorality Of Evangelical Christians In The Age Of Trump

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The Immorality Of Evangelical Christians In The Age Of Trump Empty The Immorality Of Evangelical Christians In The Age Of Trump

Post by Guest on Wed Feb 22, 2017 6:57 am

On Dec. 14, 2012, a mentally unstable young man shot and killed 20 children at Sandy Hook Elementary School. One of those kids, the youngest, was Noah Pozner. As a parent myself, I cannot come close to even fathoming the pain and suffering his senseless slaughter caused his parents. What could be worse than having your child murdered? Little else. And yet, the pain of the Pozners did not end there. In the aftermath of the massacre, a handful of lunatics began falsely claiming that the Sandy Hook shooting never happened — that it was all made up. And Noah’s father became the target of these cruel individuals; he has been taunted and tormented by their ongoing attempt to frame the murder of his son as a hoax. Leading this immoral, sadistic campaign is a heartless man named Alex Jones, who uses his media might to perpetually lie about Sandy Hook, claiming that the shooting was fake, and blatantly taunting the parents of the children who were murdered there.

And Alex Jones is supported and encouraged by our current president. In fact, just days after losing the popular vote by nearly three million votes and yet winning the electoral college Ponzi scheme, Donald Trump personally called Alex Jones to thank him for all that he does.

Such moral depravity is emblematic of Donald Trump. This billionaire blow-hard, this “pussy-grabbing” misogynist, is awash in immoral relations and immoral actions. He defends and respects Vladimir Putin, a despot who has personally ordered the assassination of men, women, and children. He appoints the most racist Senator in the United States — a man who spent his life fighting against civil rights and then lied about it only weeks ago in preparation for his confirmation hearings — as the nation’s Attorney General. His closest adviser, who is now virtually running the country, is a thrice-divorced, alimony-evading shill of white nationalists. His leading spokesperson daily peddles “alternative facts” — or what normal human beings refer to as bald-faced lies.

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