Kids Shut Down ‘Alternative Facts’ About Black History

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Kids Shut Down ‘Alternative Facts’ About Black History

Post by Guest on Fri Feb 03, 2017 8:00 pm

When it comes to black history, these kids have no tolerance for “alternative facts.”
In honor of Black History Month, the “Because of Them We Can” campaign put together a video about Kellyanne Conway’s Orwellian term, and the false narratives people spread about the black experience. 

“Black girl magic is real. Black boy joy is real,” the kids say. “Black support is real. Black excellence is real. Black love, that’s real.”

Responding to more “alternative facts,” they also note, “Black history didn’t begin with slavery, and it doesn’t end with the Obamas.”

Watch the full video above or on the Facebook page, “Because of Them We Can by Eunique Jones.”


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