Board of Deputies’ statement on combating anti-Muslim hatred

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Board of Deputies’ statement on combating anti-Muslim hatred

Post by Guest on Tue Jan 31, 2017 10:53 pm

In recent evidence submitted to the Home Affairs Select Committee, the BoD affirms its strong opposition to anti-Muslim bigotry, and its commitment to joint work on tackling hate crime:
While antisemitism and anti-Muslim hatred differ significantly in their histories and manifestations, we recognise that efforts to tackle both will only reach their full potential when minority communities including Jews and Muslims work in partnership.

In the past the BoD has opposed the Swiss minaret ban and distanced itself from the EDL’s  pro-Israel stance. More recently it has spoken out agsinst Kelvin Mackenzie’s attack on Channel 4 news presenter Fatima Manji and of course against the travel bans imposed by Trump.

The BoD also  supports the work of Tell MAMA in countering anti-Muslim bigotry – Tell MAMA consistently opposes antisemitism and has collaborated with the CST in their work on hate crime; this is noted by the BoD as ‘a prime example of the kind of partnership that is needed to tackle hate crime in all its forms.’

However the BoD is critical of the approach taken by MEND – Muslim Engagement and Development – to tackling bigotry.

We remain greatly disturbed by statements attributed to MEND such as one by its CEO Sufiyan Ismail, in which he claimed that “in 300 years the Israeli lobby has not lost a vote in Parliament”[6]. Given that the state of Israel has only existed since 1948, the “Israeli lobby” in this quote can only be a synonym for British Jews, of which Ismail celebrates that “they were battered, absolutely battered”.
While we have met representatives of MEND in the past, we would not intentionally meet with the organisation again until we are confident that it intends to promote a positive relationship towards Jews, the Jewish community and communal bodies and stands unequivocally opposed to extremism. As matters stand at present we are unable to work with MEND on any projects, and recommend that others look for alternative partners – such as Tell MAMA - in the work of combatting anti-Muslim hatred.

More positively, there are plenty of examples of the communities working together on issues of joint concern. Last month at Limmud Jewish and Muslim activists explored ways of tackling hate crime together, and Jonathan Arkush, the BoD President, has recently visited a mosque in Bradford in order to help promote good communal relations.

Hats off to "Tell Mama" for presenting evidence of antisemitism coming from MEND.
Good to see both Muslim and Jewish groups working together to tackle such hate


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Re: Board of Deputies’ statement on combating anti-Muslim hatred

Post by Guest on Mon Feb 06, 2017 8:01 pm

In case you need a reminder, MEND is the rebranded iENGAGE.  In a recent statement by the Board of Deputies, grave concerns were expressed about bizarre and divisive comments made by MEND’s CEO Sufiyan Ismail:
We remain greatly disturbed by statements attributed to MEND such as one by its CEO Sufiyan Ismail, in which he claimed that “in 300 years the Israeli lobby has not lost a vote in Parliament”[6]. Given that the state of Israel has only existed since 1948, the “Israeli lobby” in this quote can only be a synonym for British Jews, of which Ismail celebrates that “they were battered, absolutely battered”.

In this 2015 piece they are happy to cite Haitham al Haddad to counter the suggestion that they oppose Muslims exercising the right to vote.
British Muslims should vote and participate in elections. Detractors claim there is a theological argument that suggests Muslims should not vote. Scholars such as Shaykh Abu Eesa Niamatullah and Shaykh Haitham al-Haddad, and the many others who feature in our video, are the appropriate voices to denounce this point of view and counter it with proper Islamic scholarship on the responsibilities of citizenship and how British Muslims ought to fulfil them.

Here’s a slightly more detailed take on Haddad’s position on voting.
“…don’t ask a scholar that ‘Is it allowed to vote for a kafir system?’ He will say ‘Of course it’s not allowed.’ But tell him ‘Am I allowed to vote for a kafir system in order to avoid a bigger kafir system taking in power, taking power?…You are going to have a Prime Minister who is a Muslim. How can a Prime Minister become a Muslim? Except through the democratic system, because still the Islamic State has not yet been established. So whether you like it or you don’t like it, the political participation is, or the political process is the scene to influence a change. I know it is filthy, OK? I know all the kuffar will go to hellfire. I know all the kuffar hate Muslims. I know all of these statements that many brothers are saying but in many cases you have to deal with it OK?”
It’s perhaps no great surprise to see Labour MP Stephen Timms speaking at a MEND-organised event – but it is a disappointment.

Also his views can be seen here on video on he link below along with these views.

Al-Haddad believes:

  • Muslims should disown and cut all ties with family members who leave Islam. Friends who have left the religion should be ‘boycotted.’ Those who choose to leave Islam (even without attacking the religion or the state) may be executed in an Islamic state.

  • Non-Muslim political systems are ‘filthy,’ though it is permissible to vote for a kafir in order to prevent a worse kafir system from taking power.  Muslims should prevent non-Muslims from ruling any country with a law other than the shari’ah. Extramarital affairs are ‘normal’ in the non-Muslim community – this is down to their ‘belief system’ and ‘moral decline.’ It is sometimes recommended or obligatory to insult the ‘Gods of the kuffar’ – if a Muslim believes that a non-Muslim will respond to this by insulting Allah then this should be avoided. Non-Muslims living under an Islamic state should be aware of the ‘consequences’ for disbelieving in Allah.

  • A system of ‘slavery’ is superior to systems of the West when dealing with prisoners of war. Only non-Muslim prisoners of war can be taken as slaves. A ‘master’ may engage in sexual relations with a female slave. If she becomes pregnant and bears a child, she can no longer be sold on to someone else.

  • Muslims are losing their identity through their involvement in elements of the ‘Western lifestyle,’ such as Christmas.

  • Jews and Christians should be ‘forced’ to pay the jizya. Al-Haddad has complained that synagogues and churches feature alongside mosques in children’s textbooks. It is a religious offense to assist non-Muslims against Muslims.

  • Jews are the ‘descendants of apes and pigs’ and one of the ‘armies of the devil’. Money, media and alcohol are ‘weapons’ of the Jews. (Haitham al-Haddad has denied making these comments which were transcribed from a sermon given at Al-Muntada Mosque in West London).

  • It is forbidden to join Christians in celebrating any of their festivals. To do so is worse than ‘committing suicide.’ Parents who encourage their children to join in are ‘evil.’  There is no basis for interfaith dialogue, as other religions do not believe in the Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

  • Suicide bombing is part of defensive jihad and therefore a ‘commandment’ of Islam. Those who condemn suicide bombing are committing a ‘betrayal’ and ‘serious treason.’

  • ‘Pro-active’ Jihad includes fighting non-Muslims to establish the law of Allah. This can be given the go-ahead once an Islamic state has been established, including in Britain. Islam can be established ‘by the sword’ once ‘conditions’ have been met. The Islamic state should ‘initiate a fight’ with the non-believers in order for Islamic law to be dominant.

  • The ultimate aim of all Muslims is to see Islam governing the whole world. The world must not be governed by any other law than the law of Allah. Muslims should rule the entire planet with Islamic law. The ‘Islamic Republic of Britain’ will only be possible if Muslims use the current political system to their advantage.

  • It is a ‘must’ for all Muslims to establish hudood punishments.

  • A husband should not be questioned why he hits his wife. ‘Smacking’ your wife can be overlooked. If a woman is afraid that her husband will become violent and that her safety is in danger, she should not call the police as the husband will not tolerate this and it is an insult to his manhood.

  • Those found guilty of engaging in extra-marital sex should be punished in the ‘harshest manner possible’ –  stoning to death.

  • We are living in the ‘era of homosexuality.’ Homosexuality is a ‘crime against humanity.’ Homosexual ‘activities’ are a criminal act and could be worse than murder. All Muslims believe that homosexuality is a crime. In an Islamic state there would be punishments for homosexuality. Muslims need to ‘combat the scourge of homosexuality.’ Al-Haddad praised the president of Liberia for defending the criminalisation of homosexuality.

  • There is no minimum age for girls to get married. Children studying for GCSEs are old enough to get married. If Muslims are ‘careful of the legal issues’ and can avoid ‘non-Islamic laws’ and not put themselves in ‘trouble’, marrying ‘the younger the better’ is advisable in Britain.

  • Female circumcision is recommended. It is a “virtue” or an “honour” for women and is better for the husband.

  • Women enjoy their husbands being superior to them and should obey them. If a husband orders his wife not to attend Islamic lectures or circles he ‘must’ be obeyed. Muslim women should attack ideas such as liberalism and freedom, and should not work. Women are recommended to cover their face and should not worry about integrating into wider society. The West is ‘humiliating’ and being ‘unjust’ to women as women are now employed as mechanics and dustmen. A man can ‘command’ or ‘force’ the female members of his family to wear niqab.

  • Referred to Delwar Hossain Sayeedi as one of the ‘great Bangladeshi leaders.’

  • The Japanese Tsunami in 2012 was punishment for the population’s ‘lack of submission to Allah.’


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