Devastated father tells how mother died in court 'because of stress' and passed away in her sister's arms

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Devastated father tells how mother died in court 'because of stress' and passed away in her sister's arms

Post by eddie on Mon Jan 30, 2017 6:45 pm

A mother-of-four who collapsed in court died in her sister's arms because of the 'stress' of a ruling in a family legal battle involving children, her devastated father has told MailOnline.

Hayley Gascoigne, 32, suffered a cardiac arrest as she sat in the concourse while sitting next to her parents Terry and Kathleen at Hull Crown Court yesterday.

Days earlier Hayley, who has been described as 'devoted' to her three sons and baby daughter, had posted on Facebook 'Happy2 day with my four' with pictures of her young family playing on trampolines in their local park.

Yesterday afternoon Miss Gascoigne began convulsing and was rushed to hospital but could not be saved - her mother has had to break the devastating news to the children.

Police have launched an investigation amid concerns from a relative that she may have 'taken something' in the toilet shortly before she became ill on Thursday.

Police have now launched an investigation into Miss Gascoigne's death.

She had just taken her seat after visiting the ladies toilets, having attended the court for a family hearing.

As she suffered the attack, two members of court security were called with a first aider who ran to the scene.

A GeoAmey guard then came to assist, laying her on a court bench while her barrister dialed 999.

The medics were told there was no history of taking drugs as those around her said 'she must have taken something in the toilet.'

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