Southern Rail Commuters Uses Obscure Law To Get Half His Money Back

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Southern Rail Commuters Uses Obscure Law To Get Half His Money Back

Post by Guest on Tue Jan 17, 2017 7:27 pm

Ever heard of Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act?

A Southern Rail commuter claims to have used an obscure law to get a refund worth thousands from his season ticket due to bad service.

The man, known only as Sean, apparently received £2,400 back from his credit card provider American Express, after he cited the poor state of the train service which has been suffered delays, cancellations and strikes.

The Association of British Consumers (ABC) published a survey of Southern passengers that found that delays, cancellations and overcrowding was causing health problems, forcing people to move house and even lose their jobs. One Brighton to London commuter said: “Quite simply, it has ruined my life.”

Now, ABC has published Sean’s story on its blog.

According to the website, he used Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act, which says people can claim money back from a creditor if the service they paid for amounted to “misrepresentation or a breach of contract”.

Sean’s refund was, according to documents the site shared, half of the £4,800 he paid.

In documents published on ABC, apparently sent to American Express in July last year, Sean cited “extensive late running” of the trains to London Bridge as a reason for his request for a refund.

He said a third of trains he used were cancelled or delayed, most services run late and Southern had cancelled 15% of its services into London.

He also cited the strike action which led to the “total loss of service,” adding: “The service where provided is not of sufficient quality but quite often the service is not provided in the first place.”

Fair play to him and more should do this, but the bastards, will just hike up the fairs again no doubt.


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