8 Of The UK’s Most Stunning Winter Drives

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8  Of The UK’s Most Stunning Winter Drives Empty 8 Of The UK’s Most Stunning Winter Drives

Post by Guest on Tue Jan 10, 2017 5:51 am

Britain is beautiful, and that’s just as true on frosty winter days as it is in the heat of midsummer. The lushness of August may be gone, but the stark, crisp landscapes that remain are stunning in a different way. Here are eight of the best British winter drives, so you can enjoy our winter wonderland without the chill.

  • 1 Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland
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    Thomas Janisch via Getty Images
    Near the village of Armoy, along Bregagh Road lies a row of Beech trees and the most famous natural phenomena in Northern Ireland. The Dark Hedges have been used for scenes from €Game of Thrones.

  • 2 Windermere, Lake District
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    by Simon Gakhar via Getty Images
    Visit the Lake District in winter and you avoid the throngs of summer tourists while discovering a landscape that is entirely changed - but just as striking. A circuit of Lake Windermere, England’s largest lake, takes in charming towns and great views of the still, cold water, all against a backdrop of stark, snow-covered moors and peaks.

  • 3 The Cornish Peninsula
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    Flickr CCBY Peter Edwards
    Take the coast roast around Cornwall’s sea-battered peninsula in the depths of winter and it can feel like you have most of the coastline to yourself. On one side the sea crashes against the steep, rugged cliffs, while on the other the rolling countryside can be shrouded in mist or sprinkled with snow. There’s always a warm welcome in the seaside towns and villages along your route, where hearty food and roaring fires await.

  • 4 Northern Scotland
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    Nathan L Roker via Getty Images
    The A9 runs up the eastern coast of northern Scotland, eventually reaching Dunnet Head in Caithness, the mainland’s most northerly point. It’s a great place to park up and spot some of the UK’s abundant winter wildlife, and as the skies darken there’s also a chance of seeing another incredible phenomenon – the Northern Lights, the spectacular natural light show that is the aurora borealis. The drive takes you through a big landscape of mountains, sea and rolling moors.

  • 5 Snowdonia, Wales
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    Alan Copson via Getty Images
    Snowdonia is famous for its walking routes, but drivers can also enjoy a fine view of the spectacular surroundings. That’s even truer in winter, when the high, snaking passes are quieter and panoramic views of the snow-capped peak of Mount Snowdon and other heights appear around every corner. The alternating greens, browns and whites of the winter landscape are interspersed with the deep greys of handsome historic buildings in some of Wales’ most attractive villages.

  • 6 The Lincolnshire Wolds
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    Steve Haseldine via Getty Images
    The rolling tree-studded countryside of the Wolds is a wintry wonderland on still, crisp days, and one of the best stretches for a drive is the 14 miles between Horncastle and Louth. The Wolds are an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and one that inspired the celebrated Victorian poet Tennyson.

  • 7 Yorkshire Moors
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    Lizzie Shepherd / Design Pics via Getty Images
    Not to be confused with the Yorkshire Dales, a drive from Pickering to the coastal town of Whitby in the Yorkshire Moors will take in stark and weather-beaten moorland and, at lower altitudes, lush farm- and woodland. The route takes in some of the best views of the Yorkshire Moors National Park, and at the end of it all the ancient cobbled lanes of Whitby, with the ruins of its clifftop Abbey towering above the town, make for an eerily Gothic winter stopover.

  • 8 The Scottish Highlands
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    Bob Last via Getty Images
    There are many spectacular drives in the Scottish Highlands, and one of the best takes a winding route through the hills to Applecross Peninsula in Wester Ross. The historic high pass – called the Pass of Cattle locally – provides wonderful panoramic views of the bleak, stunning, snow-swept landscape. The pass can be treacherous in the worst weather so make sure you check ahead before starting out.



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